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Ours wont die either.....

gwumbles, 02/28/2013
LS 4dr SUV
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1998 bought in 99 with 12000 miles, dealer demo. Just passed 300000, done little preventative maintenance, everything original except tires, battery and oil and air filters. Used as work vehicle last 5 years, lived in cold and snow in New York and the heat in Atlanta. Has never broke down, did run out of gas once but i guess thats not Mitsubishis fault. Got 38 miles on highway when low fuel light on before it ran out. Never serviced transmission but still shifts like new. Engine uses oil and has a leak. Obviously a vehicle should be serviced and maintained and we are probably very lucky but i would take this over a Chevy any day.

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My mechanic didn't think it was a good buy...

Marie Fleming, 02/24/2016
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But had I listened to him, I would not be reporting on the best car experience ever. I bought my 1998 Sport in 2002 when it already had 80,000 miles. It's now2016 and it's pushing 240,000. Changed one belt eventually because the manual said it should be done, but was told it was still in great shape and I could probably have left it alone. I've driven it low on oil, carried dogs, lumber, cement, enough bags of garden soil to flatten the tires, and it just won't die. There's really only one problem with this car and it's a common complaint: it leaks oil. I was warned they ALL do. I just fill it up every once in a while and it's happy. Oil changes, two attempts at fixing the oil leak, one belt change, tires, new battery, one alternator. That's it. So it's starting to look a little dated, but as long as it sticks with me, I will stick with it.

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larainx71, 08/22/2012
LS 4dr SUV
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326000 MILES, THAT'S THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX THOUSAND MILES!! It finally broke down yesterday, (water pump.) All stop and go miles and boat towing miles. I don't know what kind of alien technology they must have used to build my Montero, but after 12 years, I am getting a new car, and taking this one and put it in a museum somewhere. I haven't changed the oil for at least 8 years, and still purs like a kitten when you start it. The check engine light came on 215000 miles ago. The timing belt is the original!! never changed the spark plugs because they look so hard to get to. 0 maintenance. except for gas and oil, it leaks some where in the engine. Nothing rebuilt, all original

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My montero

c rich, 01/14/2010
LS 4dr SUV 4WD
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This is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. If Mitsubishi still made the Montero I would buy one for 2010. This car will not die. I only have 160k but she still runs like the first day I bought her 11yrs ago. A total "underdog" in the world of autos.

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Close to 200,000 and going strong

Marcel, 01/29/2010
LS 4dr SUV 4WD
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I bought this vehicle new on 1998 and I did not have any major problems with it. After 150,000 or so, it started to consume about a quart of oil every 2000 miles or so. At 90,000 I had a major maintenance check and so I did at 190,000 (change timing belt, spark plugs, water pump etc). The shop check the engine compression at 190 thousands and it was around 150. They said I could drive it for another 100 thousands miles.

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