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Check insurance price before you buy

Tony, 07/29/2010
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We bought this car for my 16 year old son thinking it would be a nice car for him to drive back and forth to school. The car looks and drives wonderful, plenty of power and great gas mileage. Our shock was when we went to get it covered with our local insurance agent. The price was outrageous! I now see on the internet, it is right at the top of the list for most expensive cars to insure. Don't make the same mistake we did; Check with your insurance agent first!

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Best car I have ever owned

jgskains, 08/29/2011
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Although the it didn't have the horsepower I was looking for, it more than made up for it in every other aspect. It was more comfortable than other cars in its class. It was quick, fun, and handled like a dream. It never gave me any trouble and aside from the color I got stuck with I had no regrets. I don't recommend the automatic transmission I read lots of complaints about a lack of power. But my 5 speed had plenty of power. In the end it proved itself to be extremely safe. After hitting a retaining wall and rolling mine 3 times I walked away with out injury. I love this car and I will miss this car. Eventually I will come back to this car.

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5 Year Review 2008 GTS

mba0006, 04/25/2013
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I've owned my Mitsu for 5 years now. I am trading it in for a '13 Charger b/c I can afford one now. This was a great car! The 150 hp engine felt more along the lines of mid 200's. The cvt transmission is a bit sluggish in the low RPMs but the lancer is a fun car to drive. I am 6-2 and 200lbs. I felt comfortable in the lancer. The back seats were okay, very wide but not much leg room. The GTS is very sporty. The Rocksford sound is great! If youre expecting it to be like the Evo you will be disappointed, but the lancer is still fun to drive and has a practicle MPG and cost. Exterior noise was the one complaint (hwy speeds are noisy) but the RF sound can drown it out ;) For the price range A+

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Just to let you know about some issues...

fdlbym, 09/16/2011
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In a nut shell, if you're not impressed with the exterior design, just don't spent time looking at this one. Mileage is okay but not the best (low thirties on highway). Handling is good for its class but you can find other cars handles as good if not better (Mazda3). Leg room in second row is one of the best but is it that important? When it comes to shortfalls the list is longer; Engine noise is something to pay attention. Interior plastics are not better than what you would find on vacuum cleaner (similar to previous generation US cars). Together with weak engine, CVT makes you feel dead.

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Glad it's GONE

HK416, 12/31/2009
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Glad my Lancer is gone & someone elses problem. Would not buy one, would not recommend one, will never own one again. Extremely under-powered, not comfortable, cheaply build. The only redeeming factor with this car is the fuel mileage, other than that - stay away from these. Heaven forbid you have to use the A/C because the A/C will use 3 of the 4 gerbils powering this car. Had mine less than 18 months; and oh so happy it is gone.

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