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Beware - Mini is a cool car, but breaks constantly

realreview, 02/02/2012
S 3dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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I own a 2011 Mini Clubman S. After 12 months of use I've concluded that the build quality and engineering design of the Mini Clubman is poor. The fuel pump broke driving off the lot, the airbag system has been repaired 3 separate times, the water pump failed, an oil pump solenoid leaked and has been replaced twice, and the rear cargo 12v outlet came apart. The runflat front tires needed replacement at 12,000 miles (told by dealer this is "normal", which of course is silly), and now there is a recall on the electric coolant pump for the turbo (can cause engine fire). Car developed rattles within the first month, and I can still barely use the radio as the controls are so poorly designed.

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More for the money than expected

miniman7, 10/26/2010
3dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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Looking for a car that would seat four adults, but still be a "sports car" narrowed the choices real quick. We looked at competing small cars, but they simply did not come close to looking, driving or performing like the Mini. The base-engined Clubman with the 6-speed is more than adequate for civil driving and has enough punch when we want to get "sporty." The power is tractable and predictable. High-speed driving is effortless, as the engine creates good mid-range torque. Wind does not affect handling or power. Interior comfort is very good, too. The car draws good comments and everyone that rides in it finds that it is more than it appears, as in power, comfort, features, quality, etc.

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Fun, safe and mostly reliable....But dumb design.

mjohnson, 04/03/2016
3dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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I love this car. What I don't like is the hesitation when pulling out in traffic especially when cold. The acceleration is also delayed which makes it tough to get used to. My real problem with the car is the dumb design that BMW put into this car. I've owned the car for about 3 years and never had a problem other than brakes which are weak but who needs them it is a go-kart after all. So it sat a lot during the winter which was quite mild. We found about 2 inches of water in the passenger side floor. I evacuated all the water and dried it out. My wife had left the door ajar so I assumed this was the problem. It happened again a few days later. Turns out the sunroof drain came off during the winter while the car was sitting and the water leaked down the front pillar into the electrical junction box and into the passenger compartment. HI BMW a third grader could have figured this out. Audi had already lost millions in a class action for the same thing. So my junction box is all corroded and it's $2300 to fix it. 9 percent of the original sticker to replace a fuse box that some idiot approved as okay to place it under a roof drain that doesn't even have a clamp to hold it on. GENIUS! FYI the drivers side is set up the same way. I also noticed that the screw covers had all been removed prior so the problem obviously had happened before. The dealer offered me 5k for my 11k car so I'm fixing it and trading it. No longer a fan. UPDATE. So I fixed the car and after requesting the repaired parts and South Shore Mini gave me a bunch of parts that didn't go to the car, I threatened to sue and they dropped the repair to $1400, still high for a 400 part and two wire connections that it turned out was all they replaced. I called Mini Regional and they never called back. Turns out customers are below them. They have a company policy of not calling CUSTOMERS back. " We handle these internally" was the response. Mini also does not have any set pricing guides for repairs like most manufacturers have so the dealer can charge you whatever they want. FYI I traded in the repaired Mini for a Volvo C30. Wow what a great car. Faster, quieter, more power and about the same size. Better gas mileage on the highway about the same around town. After adding in the repair cost in I still got $4000 more than the Mini dealership offered. So look around before you buy a Mini. They may look cool but there are a lot of other options out there

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The Best & Biggest MINI we've owned yet!

graciemerc1735, 09/10/2011
3dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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We have owned several MINI's, pretty much every model. They were All- fun, quick, and reasonably priced/ reasonably economical to own. Our MINI Clubman,(leased), automatic trannie, AC, cruise, & bluetooth gets 41.6 MPG at a steady 72- 75 MPH, The 3rd door is convenient and allows either passenger or pet easy access to the rear seat. We have used it to carry over 30 bags (40#)of dirt for our garden or to take our 3 pets and half our household to our vacation home for the summer. The Clubman holds it all and still leaves us room in the front seats to drive comfortably for 950 miles. We love, love, love it!

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We bought a Brand new 2010 Mini Cooper Clubman LEMON

sadminiowner, 06/24/2011
S 3dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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dealership sold us a brand new car with a cracked rim. Gave us the cracked rim back when they said it was a new one ...not impressed whoever assembled the car, didn't hook up the sunroof drains, thus effectively frying all of the electrical parts. I have a picture of a 'crying' airbag. really overall not impressed with the customer service of the dealership, the ONLY Mini dealership in Calgary Alberta Canada

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