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1997 Mercury Mountaineer

Rink Rat, 07/02/2008
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I have had the car for 7 years bought it in 2001 with 65K miles on it. Overall I have enjoyed the car, However over the last few years (130K + miles) have had lots of issues. Have had to replace ball joints, tie rods, idle arms on multiple occassions (I don't even go off road). Engine has too much weight over the front end, also had to replace 02 sensors yearly. Car is getting around 13 mpg and with gas prices edging closer & closer to $5.00 have come to the realization that it's time to get rid of it. Car always started (did replace battery & alternator) and would consider the car as dependable just very costly to drive. Heater fan, AC compressor also need to be replaced.

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Best Car I ever owned

bondianwolf, 07/28/2013
4dr SUV
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I have owned Fords; Mercurys; Oldsmobile; Pontiac; Mazda; and a Mercedes. For the longest time the best car I owned was a 1987 Ford EXP. Yeah it was a tarted up 2 seater escort. But it was fun; practical and it never broke. Then I bought this 1997 mountaineer used (I am the second owner). The reason it is the best is because I got it dirt cheap and (after owning it a while) I recently drove it 4000 miles in blistering heat. At one point my wife and I were crossing the desert in 118 degree heat with the air conditioner running. Neither of us could believe the car didn't explode. It ran like a champ. All repairs have been minor and it's easy and cheap to fix. Ford trucks r awesome

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the unstoppable snow tank

Jim G, 12/11/2015
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I bought my 97 Mounty as a cheap suv to get me through chicago winters. It needed a little tweaking, having 180k miles on it, so i fixed some minor issues, installed a cheap mp3 radio, some heavy duty shocks in the rear, and Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires...let me tell you, this thing is a beast in the snow! Absolutely unstoppable! The awd and 5.0 mustang V8 are the best features in this reliable suv. (Okay, i put a Flowmaster muffler on it too, just so i could have that nice V8 rumble in the winter time as well). Its not a horsepower monster...the top end sucks, but its a torque beast. I can launch from a stoplight at 3k rpm in a foot of snow and not slip one bit! It handles like a wide receiver in ballet shoes, like any 90's suv, and it sucks gas too, but every vehicle has its trade offs. This thing is awesome though.

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They don't make 'em like they used to!

Jesse, 11/02/2010
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It's too bad we regulate fuel economy and won't tap into our own fuel resources to make gas cheaper. It has caused all these new cars to have overly fragile transmissions and week motors that fall apart. I purchased this car 9 years ago with 150k miles it now has 228k miles very reliable no major repairs except I did replace the heating box in the dash because it only blew hot air (a flap inside malfunctioned)$400. There were no check engine lights on until a couple 1000 miles ago the parking brake light came on not bad for a car pushing a quarter million miles. I'm returning a 07 Ford edge off lease with 38,000 miles feels like its shaking apart at 60 mph transmissions shot.

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The best by far

jcio, 08/05/2009
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I bought my Mountaineer used in 2003. It has now reached 222000 miles and I just had it inspected. Needed a few spark plugs but that was it. I asked if the engine and transmission were ok and the mechanic said they were. I love this car. I am looking for another used suv, not because anything is wrong with the mountaineer, I'm just getting worried about mileage. But, I won't be selling it. It will take my daughter to school when she starts driving. They are hard to find used because everyone hangs on to them. This is the best vehicle I ever owned.

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