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I Love the Cougar Xr7

Jesse, 04/30/2010
XR7 2dr Coupe
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My dad handed down this car to me. I always loved how it looked. When i actually got around to driving it, i was blown away. I love the V8, its great for just having fun. I also love the ride itself. It's surprisingly quiet for having a V8, and it has lots of leg room. I hope i can keep this car forever

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Sleeper hit!

silveeto, 07/12/2014
XR7 2dr Coupe
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I fell into owning this car accidentally. My aunt was moving and had no room for it anymore, so I traded her a set of couches and a couple hundred bucks for it. I figured I'd just flip it and make a few extra bucks. NOPE. What I thought was an old man's car actually turned out to be a fun sporty powerhouse of a car that I just can't part with now.

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Why Chose the X-R7

daskew, 08/17/2002
XR7 2dr Coupe
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I bought our XR-7 V6 model as a used vehicle. It is my experience that the for a V6 it is kinda suggish when taking off. I think that the XR-7 has a very comfortable ride, expecially on long trips. I feel that the fuel economy is very poor for this particular model. Get yourself in the frame of mind that this is not a sport coupe. Like most American made cars it feels like it was made on an assembly line. The air vents are placed in such a manner that the rear passengers have a good wait to cool off. The tires should have come in a low profile. The car is made up of a lot of parts, that over time begin to loosen.

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Nice Ride for an older vehicle

Reverend, 02/22/2009
XR7 2dr Coupe
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I got the vehicle in 2005 with approximately 18,000 miles on the odometer. It belonged to an elderly lady who was in a nursing home and she had it garaged for almost 4 years (the inspection sticker was going on 5 years old). It needed a battery and the tires replaced, which I did immediately. Living in New England I only use the car during inclement weather conditions and during the winter with snow tires it gets me everywhere. As a third vehicle, it seldom gets usage, but I do ensure it is used at least 50 miles weekly. It drives like a tank, but due to its age (1996 )most vehicles that size were tanks. It has been very dependable and has not required any work. It isn't fuel efficient.

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The Life of a COUGAR

Cougar Life, 03/21/2010
XR7 2dr Coupe
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This car was the second Cougar I have bought in 3 months as a cheap replacement car I was hoping to own for more than a year. I had a 94 Coug which decided to one day have major engine problems with no warning.It had 120K miles on it. So I bought the 96 with 87k on it which seemed like a great buy for my price range.Within a week of owning I had to replace a couple of things which I think was due to not being well kept by the owners before me. After that, I noticed a major difference in how the car drove.It can really get moving with its powerful V8. I drove the car from Wisconsin down to Florida with no issues.As long as you get one that is well taken care of you shouldn't have any problem.

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