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2017 G550 Nightmare, 07/20/2017
G 550 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 8cyl Turbo 7A)
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I have slaved through school for the past 14 years to finally purchase the car of my dreams. I spent countless hours test driving and convincing my wife to buy this car. It was a special order designed by the dealer. It just so happened to be the exact color and some options I preferred. I made a down payment. En route to the US from germany, the cargo ship had a fire. This caused a +1 month hold up on my car at the port of Baltimore. Thinking to myself????? "Should I buy a car like this?" The car was released and finally arrives!!! Yes! I go to the dealer for pickup and drive it for 15 minutes and enjoyed finally being able to see the most beautiful hand crafted piece of artwork ever made. I cruised at low speeds, talked to my salesman, played the radio. Of course, no one is paging attention to fine details at this point. The car went straight from the dealer to my friend who has placed Xpel ultimate on other vehicles of mine. He did an amazing job. 1 week worth of hard work and dedication, The day finally arrives to return the loaner and pick up my car. From the start I heard an intermittent "booting" noise, almost like a baby owl. It would mainly occur between shifts or let up off of the gas. Higher temperatures outside produced a more defined and constant noise. The biggest issue besides the "most" annoying noise was a very hard rumbly and shaking shift when I would brake from 4th to 3rd gear. This was always constant. I finally got the car to my local detailed (whom has been more than professional and kind) to have the service manager drive my car. He noted all of the complaints and the car went in for service. Adaptations (computer updates) were performed which actually made the shifting and hard shakes worse. This is week 3 and there has been no fix. I was told today that, corporate engineers, told my local service team to tear apart the transmission and check everything. They respectfully disagreed and deferred this treatment. They know it's a transmission issue and a case was opened. Meanwhile, they have captured the noise and recorded what I described as "hooting" earlier. They hear it and also agree that this is "NOT" normal. They have no idea what is causing it. With this, I was told today that the service team have been in contact with corporate and they have planned to order a new transmission...... from Germany. 2 more weeks, plus delivery, plus installation. I have involved and contacted MB customer service. These messages have been relayed up the hierachal chain. They were great about getting back to me in a very efficient time. I was told today that they assure their engineers are trying to fix this problem quickly. I have assured and assured that no one in their right mind would pay 129k for a car and want the transmission replaced and to have a noise that can't be fixed. Without anymore complaining and painful details, I am still dealing with this and to let others know, I am not the only one with these issues. A new "befriended" friend of mine and I have been in contact, and he has the same noises. He has also had his brand new 2017 G550 rear end replaced because they thought the noise was coming from there. It's been a disaster and no one who pays this sort of money on a high end luxury vehicle deserves this. The car should be taken back without any question.

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