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Miata Equals Fun

KAG Miata, 05/16/2009
2dr Convertible
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Miatas are pure driving enjoyment. Simple and lightweight they thrive on winding roads. My 2000 has 32000 miles on it and has been rock solid reliable. The body is rigid, with only mild cowl shake. Interior space is OK if you're under 6 feet. A tilt wheel would be nice, but otherwise, the dash layout is clean and easy to read. The manual tranny is easy to shift with short throws. One of the nicest benefits of a Miata is that you don't need to spend a fortune to have fun. I'm sorry I waited so long to get one.

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A scalpel in a world of hammers

MRGTX, 02/08/2008
LS 2dr Convertible
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This is my second Miata and the rush of endorphins that these car are capable of inducing has not waned at all in my almost ten years of Miata ownership. There's nothing on the road as inexpensive to own and reliable while being as much fun. You can't help but fall in love with these cars! Sublime handling, intuitive steering, shifting is a pleasure. Second generation (like the 2000) offers some nice improvements glass window, stiffer body, etc. while not being much (if any) heavier. I miss the pop-up lights though.

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Lovin' it!

Miata Fan, 08/15/2006
2dr Convertible
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Wonderful little car. When you get this car, you're not just getting a vehicle to get from point A to B. You're getting a lifestyle. You're getting other friends (Miata fanatics) on the road. You're getting looks from girls. You're getting an "in" to a worldwide base of Miata enthusiasts. You're getting exhilaration on your morning commute (I can't tell you how many coworkers complain about the drive to work...but never me!). Mazda has the right to put "pure fun" in the official list of features.

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My 3rd Miata

Rick, 01/24/2010
2dr Convertible
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I live in south Florida and this is my 3rd Miata. I very rarely drive with the top up. I have been known to drop the top to drive to Publix a half mile away. I had a '93 and then a '95 which I sold with 190,000 miles on it. Bought my 2000 with 36,000 (almost brand new!). This car is much better than the type 1 cars. The trunk has finally been designed to hold something and I do not miss the barn door headlights. In my old cars the trunk would hold my Les Paul case but not an SG case. The new trunk is redesigned to easily hold a larger guitar case. Some people laugh at a musician owning a Miata but I can pack 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic guitar, my amp, keyboard, tenor sax and misc. stuff.

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Amazing Sports Car Value

KAG MIATA, 03/28/2009
2dr Convertible
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It took years of saving, but the Miata was worth the wait. A pure, simple sports car, the Miata loves to be tossed around, and loves to rev. My car has 32000 miles on it and is as tight as a drum. The manual transmission is a joy to shift with it's tight, short throws. Aerodynamics are quite good as you can drive with the top down on chilly days while the heater keeps the cabin warm. As an added bonus, there are loads of support sites, clubs, and accessories available to the Miata owner. If you've been thinking of a Miata stop thinking and start driving.

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