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Best truck avail in the world, 05/11/2010
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I've owned over 10 Mazda b series trucks ranging from 87-93. I am a master mechanic and know all vehicles very well. These are the best trucks that are avail in the United States. Very tough, simple and run forever with very little maintenance. The only ones to possibly stay away from would be the 87&88 b2600 trucks that have a Mitsubishi sourced engine, that was somewhat problematic in comparison to Mazda built engines. The 4x4 trucks are totally unstoppable. They are tall and light, and go through everything, but being top heavy they are easy to roll. I rolled my 4x4 and flipped it back on all wheels, let it sit for 30 min, then drove away, just a bent fender. They are tough!

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I can believe it!!

ted rivers, 04/10/2008
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This truck may be an eyesore and not that comfortable but this truck will not fail you. I got this truck from my dad who bought it new for orchard use. This truck was used mostly for navigating up and down rough apple, grapes, and cherry orchards and is still in perfect shape engine wise. I strongly believe this trucks body and interior will go before the internal parts i.e., engine, tranny.

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Good Work Truck

John, 12/29/2008
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I bought it with 32,000 original miles in Jan.2008 and now have 64,000 (used for light duty service work). Reliability has been outstanding. Very smooth and silent drive line with good ratio spacing. Brakes very good. Engine is long stroke 2.2L FI truck type- max torque at low rpm. Acceleration and sustained hill climbing are only marginal. Interior quality is marginal. MPG is 20 avg. Ride quality is really rough when unloaded.(torsion bar/leaf). Bench seat very uncomfortable.Sun visors to small to be useful.Front bumper and exhaust system from catalyst on back disintegrated from rust (common for B2200)

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B2200 Rules!

B22Dude, 11/13/2003
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I have not replaced a single componet in this truck except the radiator due to poor water quality. Clutch orig. alternator orig.,etc, well built simple truck.

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dependable workhorse

svenb7, 01/25/2003
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I've owned my Mazda for a year and a half now and have had absolutely no problems with it. At 115,000 I'm still using the original clutch. I'm currently replacing the front-end suspension and steering wear components (for the first time) are a little hard to find, but no more than any other foreign vehicle. Gas mileage is pretty poor for a 4 banger: 18 city, 21 highway...but the engine has good power for the vehicle (esp. having 115,000) and has given me no troubles...always starts without complaints even in cold weather (I live in Wisconsin).

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Parky, 05/30/2002
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great truck! i've loved it since the day I bought it. Very few problems and only minor ones at that, great vehicle to drive

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Best vehicle I have ever owned

, 05/15/2002
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138000 and counting... rock solid, no rattles, no rust, original paint still looks excellent, original clutch, people think it's a new truck... Only regret is that I can't find another one for my son who now drives as they are so rare.

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I wish they still made this truck

animaldoc, 04/25/2004
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I purchased my mazda pickup new and have been amazed at its reliability. The only thing I have had to do other than routine maintanance is recently replace the valve cover gasket which had cracked from age after 13 years of service. I drive this truck hard and cannot believe the original clutch is still working. Hats off to mazda for one of the best made trucks ever!

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