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I like it!

SHANNON, 08/07/2003
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I put a tremendous amount of mileage on this vehicle and it has performed beautifully - never had to open the engine up - just normal replacement. currently the odometer reads 330,984 miles. Believe it or not!

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Good for the money

dailydriver, 09/28/2003
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Smooth and quiet ride and the air suspension was amazing.Soft & lofty in the streets; firm and sporty on the highway.I was driving over 100mph and it did not feel like it.I own a 97 Deville concours now and I wish I had kept the town car. The age old debate of caddy vs. lincoln -I go with lincoln, which explains their slightly higher resale value. They put too much techno-wizzardry in the caddy without enough road testing causing too many expensive repairs. Lincoln is a more reliable car which is why so many transportation companies choose them.

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Green Godess of Greatness

Doug Oswald, 12/22/2015
Executive 4dr Sedan
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I have owned this 1999 Town Car Since June 1999 and only repair and replacement has been a blower fan, fuel pump, break pads,and rotors. Regular maintainance has been carefully performed. The passenger comfort is beyond outstanding. Since last update needed to replace fuel pump. Since last update replace spark plugs and manifold gaskets and driver side power window motor. Still is a mighty comfortable riding automobile.

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Biggest POS Ever

lincolntc, 03/19/2012
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Bought it 3 months ago and Spent 1000 dollars so fat and need 1500 more. Bought Plugs, Fuel Pump $600, Fuel Filter, and more. Needs Intake Manifold , Valve cover gaskets, Coil Packs, Muffler, and Altinator. Im a Mechanic but with no money ever Because it is all spent on this Garbage I'm Done selling it to someone who would love to spend thousands on a car that was [non-permissible content removed] from the dealer. Btw The Car only has 88,000 Miles.

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Don't Waste Your $$$

rjbinwv, 02/04/2011
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I purchased a 1999 Lincoln Town car in Feb. 2010 with the car only having 75ooo miles on it. The interior and exterior was in mint condition. is now Feb 2011 almost a year-to-date, and I have probably spent close to 2,000 dollars on this thing!!! I don't think I have ever hated a car as much as I hate this one! I HAD to change air suspension over to shocks, or it wouldnt pass inspection-500dollars. Countless coil packs, alternator, a/c compressor with clutch, NOW this past weekend smoke was pouring through the vents! I was like"what the crap is going on NOW?!" I have a broke heater core. It's a 60dollar part for a 700dollar job! Getting another car! Dont waste your money!!!!!!

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