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My Green Gator

John T. Holt, 03/16/2003
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Fuel economy response to outside air temperature change and road conditions is very pronounced. I have gotten as much as 20 mpg on flat road at 60 mph, 60 deg outside temperature. Increase in speed to 70 mph will decrease consumption by 2 mpg or more. City driving economy is as shown on sticker, 13 mpg under most condidions. Rear electric fold down seat in newer models was too long coming. Removing the rear bench can be a real pain, impossible for man or woman of even slightly less strength or stature, but no space for groceries or personal items with seat in place.

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A Happy Navigator

Muskie Man, 09/03/2003
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The Navigator has met my expectations as a reliable luxury SUV. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In todays market there are many luxury SUV options that did not exist in 1999. The vehicle has performed reliably in the four seasons of northern Wisconsin. Currently with 72,000 miles the vehicle seems just barely broken in. I expect to keep it for many years to come.

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Love my Navigator

Kathy Smith, 09/05/2005
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This vehicle is a supurb piece of equipment that is classy and comfortable. I have pulled a semi weighing 80,000lbs. that was stuck on ice, pulled a truck from a snowy ditchbank, drug a tree log that we dropped in the back yard, pulled out overgrown bushes around the house and have traveled many miles with my grankids. I can't say enough about the performance and comfort of this SUV. There isn't another vehicle that I have been more pleased and proud to own. It is a workhorse and yet is classy and comfortable.

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I'd buy another but......

Greg L, 11/28/2006
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All and all it has been a pretty reliable SUV. I have put about $2000 in fixing the air suspension on the front and back of the vehicle. It is very spacious. The ride is a bit rough and the power could be improved. My major issue is the interior for a $50K vehicle it just completely came apart. I think everything is made of plastic and they all break. I like the new one but I may wait awhile to see some reviews...

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All Around Great

Dick Dillon, 11/05/2003
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I bought this car new and it was 4 yrs old. in Aug. I have never had a better car for overall looks and performance. I get about 15 mph on trips and 13.5 around town. That is not far from the 1987 Pathfinder that I traded in. The performance is well worth the extra gas that it uses. The main difference is the price I have to pay for the premimum gas that is recommended by the manufacturer. I'm 74 years old and pretty sure this well out live me by many years. I'm happy to have lived long enough to enjoy my remaining years in such comfort. It's like riding around in your living room.

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Not bad for a Ford

gswar2003, 02/09/2005
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I was a bit skeptical to buy it since my ford Exploder days. But I must admit it has been a joy to drive. I have had no major mechanical problems except running through brake pads like water. All & all a nice vehicle. The only think is for a $50,000 vehicle the cheap plastic pieces that break off need to go. I am looking forward to buying '04 or '05 Great family vacation car!

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SWIFT1, 04/29/2003
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1999 Navigator

debruyne, 06/22/2003
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I am very pleased with every aspect and performance of this vehicle except for the mileage. It has met my very high expectations.

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No Competition!

smartlis, 03/19/2003
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I have owned my 1999 Navigator for over two years now and have had absolutely no problems with it. My kids enjoy the comfort of the seats and room for all their friends when we go out. Great vehicle for people who carpool and want comfort and safety.

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Depends on the day...

CatMcM121, 09/09/2006
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Most days I really enjoy the navigator. Other days I want to kick myself for buying it. While I got it at a steal for 10G last year with 65k miles, I got it right when gas prices skyrocketed, my fault, as was not paying attention to the sound/alarm/entertainment systems (aftermarket and CHEAP). It drives beautifully, but what irks me is the odometer that appears/disapppears randomly, the "growling" noise it makes (something to do with suspension, happens when the car is off! talk about the strange looks I get...), back wiper dead, seat heater doesn't work. Other than these problems, it's fine. Tough to drive in the city. Great for long trips if you can afford getting only 18 mpg highway

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