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An Unmitigated Disaster

Warchild NYC, 02/06/2008
4.6 HSE 4dr SUV AWD
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After purchasing this car in September 2006 for $13.2K with 76K miles on it, I have paid over $8K in repairs for just 12,000 miles driven. The transmission went out and required a complete rebuild ($4K), the air suspension and associated compressor failed ($3K), and various other things electronic in nature failed ($1K+) such as the door locks, a bunch of interior lights and the display panel for the heater. The remote function on the key does not work at all, so the key must be used old fashion style to lock and unlock the vehicle. Just an awful experience compared to my 1994 BMW 540i that has 142K miles on it and has given me no problems except normal wear and maintenance.

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learn from my mistakes

abone, 05/04/2002
4.0 S 4dr SUV AWD
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before you purchase a used Range Rover, a few suggestions: 1. a thorough inspection of the drivetrain. get the transmission closely inspected, including the transfer case. on a test drive, from a complete stop, give it the gas pedal to put the transmission under stress/high load. listen for any knocking. 2. if the range rover has over 50K miles on it, start planning on having the Electronic Air Suspension repaired. this system is highly prone to malfunction. check into the price of the coil spring replacement for this system.

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Fantastic ride, glad its gone

itsabowtime2, 09/03/2007
4.6 HSE 4dr SUV AWD
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This SUV, by far, had the best ride out of all the SUV's I have owned. Great feel from the steering wheel, and very smooth over the road. The large windows is what sold me on the truck in the beginning, compared to the Explorer,Grand Cherokee and Pathfinder I had in the past. Good power from the 4.6L. Strong brakes. The bad: What a repair nightmare. The air suspension would fail every other month. On 1 trip for service they found over 40!! trouble codes. Front axle went at 12000 miles. 2 head gaskets relaced. Both front bearing/hub/ABS assemblies. major oil leak and the list goes on. This one SUV had more issues than all my other combined. Even with the issues, I'd get another.

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A Classic

nadersoli, 02/02/2010
4.6 HSE 4dr SUV AWD
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I bought my Range at a dealer auction back in Aug of 09. It was in exceptional condition when I bought it. Problems: I had dry rot in the air suspension sacs on acct of the prev owner not driving it. About 1500 to swap out for coils beat out the 7k the dealer wanted to replace the susp system. Needed new tires which ran me about 700 and I'm due soon for new brakes and rotors all around for about another 700. I love the car, but I guess I'm getting bored of it quickly. It's a classic and I love it, but not roomy at all and it sucks down gas like it's goin out of style. My service light is on, which is not as bad as the check engine. Def doing better than some other folks who reviewed here.

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Nice--but, no Cigar

mguess, 08/09/2002
4.6 HSE 4dr SUV AWD
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It's an incredible vehicle--but, the previous owners of ours obviously abused it--all problems have been resolved by Land Rover warranty. Just an irritation. The vehicle is bulky to drive on heavily travelled city streets. It's safe--solid--rides extremely well. Economy? Well, it was not exactly created for economy. It is a very heavy vehicle, comfortable, provides a good sense of security. The engine is powerful, the transmission is smooth. The amenities are extravagant and elegant. Of course, the next set of tires may cost $1000--and it whimpers whenever it passes a gasoline station.

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