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We put A LOT of miles on this van!

rockscryout, 01/07/2014
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Over 180,000 miles on this van and still going. I keep changing the oil and it keeps going! I've had to replace the water pump twice and the coil packs went out so we replaced those. Air conditioner worked well up 'til last summer. The suspension doesn't seem to be that great and I haven't sprung to replace the struts although the van needs it-- but really, how many more miles am I going to be able to put on it? I'm really happy with it over all.

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It wouldn't die!

therangerman, 08/19/2014
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Living in Canada, our winters are hard on cars. This van would not die! I bought this van with 250,000km on it and I ran it until 450,000km it was still running strong but I hit a moose going 110km an hour and it destroyed the van. Every year we would haul a 4500pound trailer all the way around Ontario and it never really hurt the van. Even though every year the rear heater lines would rot out there was nothing really done other than regular maintenance. The a/c stopped working after hitting my second deer. But other than those things you could run this van through hell and it wouldn't even get a scratch I even took it muding once. good job Kia you built a bullet proof tank

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Still going strong at 120,000 miles.

frugal_driver, 08/28/2012
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I have previously posted here as FRUGAL DRIVER (see below). This van, bought in 07 with 64K, is still going strong as a half ton hauler and work van. Today its going 750 miles (and back in three days) in my wife's hands to take KID MARK I to university for the first time. Had a/c fixed--damage inflicted on a hose by an idiot. Now that the OBAMA CAFE rules have effectively removed small pickups (Chev 10, Ford Ranger) & the old vans (ASTRO etc) from the US market, what are you doing to drive? This van will haul a half ton well. It takes abuse if you maintain it well. Drive it gently. This vehicle was originally built as a light truck for the S. Korean Army (02-06 model). Its tuff.

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Where do I start?

shamgar, 09/22/2011
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I am always amazed to see newer Sedonas on the road. I can't understand why anyone would buy one of them anymore. My car had so many problems during the warranty that I was one of 10 people across the U. S. to participate in a J.D. Powers interview at my local Kia dealership. Several engineers from Korea were there also to examine my car along with J.D. Powers staff. The whole thing was taped for whatever reason. Front brakes including the rotors have to be replaced every 20K. Front tires and struts, and engine mounts, ditto. Horn was replaced at least six times. A/C proportioning valve had to be replaced. Rear deck lid struts went out quickly.

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Update to review of 07/11/2009

Frugal Driver, 10/11/2010
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Still very happy with vehicle. TIRES: OEM spec. 215/70/15 with a passenger grade is rubbish. Upgrade to 225/70/15 in a light truck/SUV tire. Currently using Michelin LTS MS. Ride quality and rubber longevity greatly improved! Transmission: buy dealer fluid for this van, have independent change it. This vehicle has a tranny cooler, so if you are hauling in hot weather, you are fine. Gas mileage: 14/16 city, 20-24 highway. That including towing 3500 lbs (as rated) and carrying weight.

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Family in action

George Byrum, 09/08/2016
LX 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 5A)
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Faithful to its duty. Its a KIA. If you wanted a sports car, you wouldn't be reading this.

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Don't buy a used one

Moore, 03/08/2010
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The warranty is not honored if you are NOT the original owner. They have have problems with steering due to winter salt but no recall. Also a problem with the cooling hoses to the rear and again no recall. They have been aware of these but will NOT cover the expense since we were not the first owner even though we bought it with 48,000 miles. We now have a car with 78,000 miles and NO warranty.

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Best low cost to maintain & value mini-van I ever had!

sushiray, 07/26/2011
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Had a 2004 EX till recently it was totaled in a rear end collision. Gr8 ride, gr8 comfort, gr8 entertainment system, gr8 value! Front wheel drive makes all the difference, plenty of room for carting kids or Home Depot supplies. Gr8 acceleration & driving stability. Only knock is the gas mileage was not very good but I changed my driving technique & went from 16mpg to almost 20 (19.8)mpg!

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Not bad but ages prematurely

soccerdad, 10/15/2010
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Bought new from dealer end of '03. This minivan has plenty of power and ample passenger room. However, cargo space is very limited. Ran flawlessly the first 1.5 years, then brakes began to squeal. We replaced the brakes on warranty twice in the first 50K miles, a bit undersized for weight of the vehicle, maybe? Also replaced wheel bearings, again on warranty. The Kia dealership where we bought and service the car is tops, but I wish we didn't have to spend so much time visiting with them on warranty issues. Now the engine sounds like it's getting tired. We're Trading it in this weekend (probably not another Kia) before it gives up the ghost for good.

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So far replaced 75% of the van

hyundai5, 09/02/2008
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It all started not 7 months after I purchased it with the battery, then plugs @ 15,000 miles they blamed the condition of the plugs on champion? Each 3 months it was something else, this year the entire transmission. And the 5th set of rotors 3rd set of belts 2nd ac sys. Control panel have so many claims on this van, it's almost getting to be routine, like changing your oil, I like the engine but if that so much as misfires I'm done with it! It has always had a problem firing upon starting, gonna have the plugs looked at again wrote them a letter, they sent me a 500.00 check, all I wanted was an extended warranty I feel I deserve that after 26 unscheduled repairs in 4 yrs!

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