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Loooooove this car!!

sxbombannie, 01/04/2012
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i just wanted to let everyone know what happened to me so it won't happen to you. i bought this car in 2007 with 20,000 miles for $4000. i know it's horrible but i only got maybe 3 or 4 oil changes. the car has 107,000 miles now. but this car just kept on going. i hit a wall on the highway goin about 50 and i just drove it away. never ever had a problem until 80,000 miles needed new wheel bearings. almost $500. not too bad. kept on going til pulling into my driveway one day it just dies! i knew it was the end because the car had been so good to me it was gonna end its life pulling into the driveway. got it towed to the mechanic and yup, the timing chain broke. broke the engine, $2500 to fix.

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Favorite car in 40 years of driving

querflote, 12/14/2014
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Bought the car when it had 10 K miles, one year old, one previous driver. Since then have put 140K miles on it, with fewer problems than any other car I have ever driven. Replaced timing belt at 60 K and 120K. Has no AC (bought it in PA). 5 sp manual transmission. Fun to drive, plenty of acceleration in 1st and 2nd. Manual everything (windows, etc. ) means that nothing ever breaks, and no little things need repair. Incredible highway mileage, even at 65-70 mph (40-43 mpg). Had to replace gasket for trunk lid. Not a car for 4 large adults - better for 2 adults, 2 kids in back seat. Great value for the money I paid. Am expecting to put another 100 K miles on it.

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Mixed feelings. Under-rated, but I won't buy a Kia again.

harmonia2927, 01/09/2013
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This was my first college car. I bought it in summer of 2010 with 96,000 miles on it. I blindly went into buying it, no research done. I ended up falling in love with this little car. I drove it to school and back SEVERAL times (10 hour drive), and went on many road trips in it. It also made it up my mile-long dirt road at home. I'm surprised it lasted. PROS: great gas mileage, runs well with normal maintenance CONS: noisy engine, doesn't accelerate well with the AC on, tin can, cheaply made, manual windows and locks, tiny back seat I drove it to 118,885 miles. It could have lasted longer, but I hit a deer and totalled it. :( Lesson learned, I won't buy a Kia again. But it was fun.

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My red hot kia rio

My red hot kia rio, 05/10/2010
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I got my kia used for $2000.00. My check engine light came on after four days. So I took it to auto zone. It was the mass air sensor. Then I took it to kia they told me it would be $360.00 to fix. I started asking around. You can buy cleaner for the sensor. It will fix the problem most of the time. You can get the mass air sensor cleaner at autozone for $7.00. If you take the air filter out spray the cleaner there with someone giving the car gas for about a min. This safed me $360.00.

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Very Happy with This Car

Brandon Mintern, 03/30/2006
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It's not often you can get a 4-year-old with only 35K miles for $5K, but that was the case with this one. The fuel efficiency has been great, and it gets around the small confines of the city very well. Parallel parking is a breeze, and the manual transmission makes it fun to drive in spite of a bit of a lack of power. Actually, driving it at about 5-6000 RPM can generate decent power for the small engine, but I drive more easily for gas mileage close to 35 MPG. I was very surprised by the amount of space. Front and back seat passengers will not be cramped, and the trunk is surprisingly roomy. For the low price and dependability, along with the overall good design, it's a bargain.

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