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1999 Jaguar XJR

Karl, 01/27/2009
10 of 11 people found this review helpful

I own my Jaguar for 5 years now, and only had to replace brakes and holes. Brake job cost over $500 and some holes jobs cost me $500 (Labor). Dealership labor is $120 an hour! It's still worth the money. When I drive my Jaguar XJR people stop and look at the car. I have all the time drive-by and give me a thumbs-up! My next car will be a 2008 Jaguar XJR, But I'm still keeping my 1999 Jaguar XJR.

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A Blast with 4 Doors

Bad Norwegian, 03/14/2007
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I bought this car a year and a half ago with only 7300 miles on it, it was almost 7 years old and still smelled new. I drove it over 1000 miles home (fast) and have only put another 200 miles on it in the time I have owned it. It's a weekend car for me and I absolutely love it.

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A Very Fast Cat

Andrei, 07/05/2005
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This is the 1st Jaguar I have owned. My father had a beautiful 1975 XJ6 with lots of problems. The new Jags are spectacular. The XJR is a completely different machine. Under the hood is a Supercharged V8 that delivers 370 horse power. It's a 4 door Porsche. In 1998 it was rated as the world's fastest production sedan. Need I say more. I will! The interior is exquisite. Everyone knows that the British make the best interiors. Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin. Just sit in one. The exterior is SEXY. The looks from people on the street, especially women, makes it all worth it. Mercedes & BMW's are on every street corner, but a Jag says classy, unique and very sexy.

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11 years of reliable performance, style

Mark, 01/22/2010
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Purchased new, utterly reliable. Lowest maintenance cost of any car I've owned in 30 years. Performs as well now as the day I bought it. A joy to own and be proud of!

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The "ASC" light comes on / the car stops

SF in SF, 04/16/2010
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I have a 1999 XJR supercharged. I'm having a tough problem. When i first start out driving the "ASC" light comes on and then the car goes into a "slow mode" for a block and then light goes out and car drives another few feet and then light comes back on, and the car goes back into a slow mode. Then the car "gets over it " and it drives fine.

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Jaguar XJR is an amazing car!

A Happy XJR Owner, 09/04/2007
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I did a lot of research before I bought my Jaguar XJR and I had been wanting to own this beautiful car. Finally the day came and we bought the 1999 Jaguar XJR. The car was in excellent condition and the 4.0L engine is super smooth, the acceleration is superb, and everything about the car is very smooth. I own a Chrysler 300M and once I drive the Jaguar XJR, I can tell the quality of the Jaguar is far more superior than the Chrysler. The high quality leather and wood trim interior is beautiful. My wife and daughter love sitting in the back seats because they are comfortable. Since I love high performance cars, the Jaguar XJR really meets my expectation.

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'99 XJR

Scott Daly, 12/05/2004
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I bought this car with 16,000 miles on it and have driven it over 15,000 in the past year. The car has been a joy to drive and an exceptional performance car. I have had no problems whatsoever in any area. The car is tight and solid without any squeaks or rattles and the quality throughout has been very pleasing. This is the best car I have owned and when its time to replace it in the next year or 2, I expect to get another XJR.

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I love it all

Jake Welch, 09/12/2005
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This car is amazing. I would suggest it to anyone looking for a car with more performance and luxury than you could ask for. This car is worth every penny you spend no matter what cost.

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Stanislav Sevecek, 02/02/2006
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Very friendly precise machine with the best comfort and smooth ride. Although the age of it is 7 years and 127000 miles the machine in excellent condition under the regular care from 1st owner. Fuel economy is corresponding with engine.

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Still nice after all this time

richmoney, 02/25/2006
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I keep my XJR garaged in the winter so I haven't driven it for a couple of months. This year's Ohio winter has been mild enough, I could have driven it a lot. A great car! I am considering selling it this summer to get money to start a business. Easy to say since it's garaged. After I start driving it again I could have second thoughts. It's a head turner, I get lots of complements on the road.

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