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2000 Hyundai Elantra

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I Am Up And Down With My Car, But I Love It!

eddied1991, 12/09/2011
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I actually have an automatic. I bought this car completely on a whim, one because I was pressured to, and two, because it would have been my first car and I had recently got my license. The car ran great during the first year I had it, then I started noticing some transmission issues, but they are an easy but costly fix. I only had to replace the spark plugs and wires. I bought the car at 126k miles, and I now have 144k on it and it still runs like a charm. Both windows in the back have a shot motor, and the interior isn't the best, but I have driven this car everywhere and it still does me good.

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A pleasent surprize! To be sure...

user560870, 08/17/2012
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This is a great car! Payed 1k for it about a month ago, it sat for a year w/174k. Yes, it needs some work but its a runner and will make a perfect "beater". Cars in this condition that have sat and have been taken off the road running are NOT for everbody. I am a mechanic and will do most of my own repairs. I will put 500 miles on this car every week. I expect after I finish the laundry list of things to do to get about 250k or so out of it. I have seen the reviews on this site and some are rather harsh and dont understand that things fail and must be maintained. NO CAR stays running w/o investment. If a car is neglected it will disapoint the owner. It is only a machine, designed by a human!

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Sad to trade at 194,000

tommyz504, 08/08/2013
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This little car has performed so reliably I hate to see it go. Comfortable interior (though the cup holders are truly miserable), nice handling, zippier than you might expect. Bought used at 121,000; up to 185k car spent only one day out of service. New Orleans streets took out a U-joint at 125k; brakes at 150k, gasket at 175k, high pressure hose around the same time, 2 alternators in 6 years, and belts from time to time. Timing belt at 185k. Minor interior nuisances: rear window motors out at 130k, driver door handle failed, driver's window gasket out of line. City mpg was always a bit disappointing: steady at 18 mpg, much better on the hwy. Still, it was a great way to get around town.

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Still going strong after 210,000 miles

Bought new, 05/20/2008
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Upon deciding if I wanted a new car or not, my thought was basically this: Invest 1,200 dollars into an 8 year old car with 209,000 miles, and drive it for 2 more years, or buy a new one and have a 500 a month car payment for 3 years. I no longer drive 35,000 miles a year, so the deciding factor for me was doing a compression test on the engine. It was still well within factory specs., and it uses NO oil between oil changes. The body is still in good shape, everything still works fine. Why buy a new one? I will say I have changed the oil every 3k miles with fully synthetic oil, Slick 50 every 50,000 miles, timing belt with exterior belts every 60k, and regular tune-ups.

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love this car

wchowells, 11/18/2012
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Bought this car for my wife in 2006 and she loves it, it had 55,000 miles on and it 204,000 miles in it know, have had a few issues but overall a great car, Not much for foreign cars but I like this one, Did have to have automatic transmission rebuilt at about 150,000 miles, but other wise would consider buying again. still gets great gas mileage to.

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