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Practical and Sensible Car

bradjan69, 07/31/2011
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This is our second Hyundai in 10 years. We traded our 01 Elantra in on a 2011 Malibu and hated it. We decided to trade it in on another car. We looked at all cars in its class and decided on the Elantra touring SE The test drive went pretty good. The 2.0L 4 cylinder had adequate execration and was very quite. The car provided good feed back to the driver while going through turns. Road noise in the cabin was quite as well. The controls are very easy to use and set up to accommodate the driver. Seats are comfortable and there is plenty of storage within the cabin area. Overall value of this car is unbeatable. For long trips the Crew Cab pickup will stay home we are taking the wagon!

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hard core touring

bassman26, 10/20/2011
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Hi, update after 20,000 miles in my 2011 elantra touring se model. Right to the point; could use more top end horsepower for higher speed interstate travel, it doesn't really like to average over 80, especially up hills of any consequence. Off the line response is excellent, making easy work of around town driving. Better than many cars I've driven like a turbo VW or small mercedes; they are built for the high speed cruising at some expense of around town response. Perfectly reliable thru 20k miles. Drove through the 100 year storm last winter across tennessee, arkansas and oklahoma. I mounted Conti DWS tires, as the stock tires couldn't get me out of my snow covered driveway in Nashville!

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Better and less expensive than an SUV

grbgmncmth, 02/24/2014
GLS 4dr Hatchback (2.0L 4cyl 5M)
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'Does everything very well; truly great in several areas: driver/passenger comfort & cargo space w/compact exterior size, both low and hi-speed handling, ease of parking and maneuvering in heavy-traffic, braking distance, driver-visibility, fun-factor & winter-weather driveability (with 5-speed manual tranny), reliability, ease of service, and a long list of standard features. All that and an expectation of good long-term reliability for 19G including tax and title? I'm pretty happy. UPDATE: In February 2015, I rear-ended an SUV that had suddenly stopped on a merge ramp. 'Totalled my poor baby, but it protected me. No incursion of damage into the passenger compartment. I'm very, very sorry to see this car go bye-bye; it was terrific.

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SE model has European feel

obx2003, 11/08/2014
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I bought this car when it was 33 months old with 31K miles from a Honda dealer. After a year I can say I'm quite happy with the car. Sporty handling and a decent combo of power and economy. I'm a DIYer so I was happy to see oil & filter changes are a breeze. Engine uses no oil between oil changes. The hatchback practicality is great. A golf club bag fits neatly across the back. I had narrowed my decision down to this car or a Toyota Matrix. I'm happy with my selection. I average over 30 mpg in mixed driving and about 34 highway mpg

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Nice inexpensive wagon

limee, 01/24/2011
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Bought the car as I needed to transport my 2 German Shepherds. With the back seats down, it accomodates them well. The SE trim has a stiffer ride than the GLS which I like. Looks very smart in Chili pepper red with the upgraded wheels. Have 3000 miles on the clock now. Averaging 25 mpg in mixed driving and up to 31 on a 500 mile trip to San Diego. The car is nicely put together with no sqeaks or rattles. Idles very smoothly and is entertaining to corner with when the dogs are not in the back! Leather seating surfaces are by far the way to go as they are easy to keep clean especially from dog hair!

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Great little urban runner

dave, 11/20/2010
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So far I really like this car, it is a economy car so I don't expect a great ride, but I like the features , like heated seats, and just about every little added feature there is, i used to drive a truck and just got tired of filling the tank up, Now I just drive by the gas station and smile.

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115,000 miles and still going strong!

Paul Pennington, 04/15/2015
SE 4dr Hatchback (2.0L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought this car as my family was expanding and wanted something practical but still fun to drive with decent looks. I have not been disappointed. For me the 5spd manual transmission is a must, I have gone one some long extended road trips - 20 hours in a single day and the bullet proof engine just keeps on going. I'm 115,000 miles (185,000km) in with no problems. I just keep up my maintenance, oil changes and changed my timing belt (400$) and the car has treated me well. The space with the seats folded flat is incredible - I have carried tables, lounge chairs and everything in-between. Great Car!

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Sporty Lite Station Wagon

Ruprecht, 10/20/2010
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I bought the 2011 Elantra Touring recently and think it is a nice car so far. It is reasonably priced and nice- looking. The steering and braking are excellent with the new Electronic Stability Control. Hyundai did a good job of updating the car and creating what is essentially a small station wagon. It looks more like a station wagon than a hatchback and has a huge amount of space for a compact car. Overall I like the car!

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A speedy "little" hatchback

jayteejr, 02/02/2011
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I research every one of my purchases to DEATH and buying a new car was no different. We have a young child and two dogs, so needless to say we needed something that could haul them all comfortably. I am not a fan of SUVs and a minivan was out of the question. Browsing Edmunds I ran into the Elantra Touring, scheduled a test drive and never looked back. The SE trim game me everything I wanted and the manual transmission keeps it fun to drive. Only about 300 miles on her to date, but so far this has been a great purchase!

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First time Hyundai Buyer

bear7, 03/19/2011
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I've never considered a Hyundai before in my whole life. I'm a patriotic American and have tried to buy American over and over to help my fellow countrymen but - damn! - I'm sick of the cars. I researched a hatchback, SUV or wagon for the wife to replace her rapidly deteriorating Saturn Ion. The Touring is designed by Hyundai Europe in Germany (it's the i30 over there) and it feels like it. we feel we got a German station wagon for a Hyundai price. Outstanding standard features and PEP #2 options (reasonably priced) and comfortable as heck. huge cargo capacity. We love it. Excellent price through

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