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Not one does econobox better

204meca, 07/23/2012
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I'm bias, this is the 8th Honda I have owned. While not as fun as the Del Sol or as economical as the late 80s models, it does everything well. It hauls almost as much as our 2010 Outback, using 1/3rd less gas. Consistently gets 37-38 mpg in mixed driving, tops 40 with consistent driving under 70 mph. The Fit is just plain easy & fun to drive. I opted for the Base to for the better gas mileage & ride. Outfitted with better tires & aftermarket rear sway it never lost its composure driven as when driven as hard as possible in performance driving school. My only complaints are road noise & the fact that my thighs get a little sore after 90 minutes behind the wheel - not good for distances

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Tires burst easily on tiny tires

bbillyo, 04/12/2012
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2 blowouts in a few months. $170 a pop. Get a better car.

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the Fit is It

dan_patterson, 10/23/2011
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I bought a 2011 Fit, base automatic, for commuter duty. I wanted Honda quality in a practical, non-flashy, and inexpensive package, and the Fit is exactly that. I could wish for more comfortable seats, a couple more inches of footroom, and a center console, but the list of standard features is quite long already. I like the fact that it's tall enough that I don't bang my head on the door frame when getting in and out. It can hold a lot of stuff and is still small enough to be easy to park. Certainly it doesn't have a lot of power and it doesn't have unusually good handling- but it is unsurpassed at collecting groceries. 9k miles so far and no problems.

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Beware of the head restraint system!

barbak, 04/13/2015
4dr Hatchback (1.5L 4cyl 5M)
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I love my Honda Fit in every way except the comfort of the driver's seat. I've actually driven without the headrest in; that's how much it hurts my neck. Although I had intended to drive this car until it wore out, I am going to be selling it in the next couple of months and buying something less painful. BTW, I am 5'7.

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Awsome car for 16 years old

Christian, 05/11/2018
Sport 4dr Hatchback (1.5L 4cyl 5A)
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The fact that Danny Duncan loves the car makes it that much better. I'm 16 and got the car used with 120k miles she still drives amazing. Brakes really good and handles amazing on the back roads. Even with 5 people in the car and driving with a heavy foot the car still gets like 27mpg. Without everyone in the car and driving conservatively it can get up to 40mpg. It has a timing chain and not a belt which is awsome and saves some money. Amazing a.c. and heat work so fast. The paddle shifters are fun to use. Throw some nice rims and tires and some tinted windows and she's a hot car. It's a Honda so you'll have it forever.

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Fit to Impress

arbolero, 01/21/2012
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I have only used half a tank, but I am eager to share my first impression of the car. I'll start with the bad. Sport, implying some relativity to a sports car, is not an accurate description. Yes, it's nimble, eagerly reving, and fun to drive, but it lacks proper acceleration, maneuverability, or pedigree to be a member of this class. The Fit's enormously practical design would make it the odd-car-out if it shared some tile in the showroom of sport thoroughbreds. But I didn't need another car with senseless horsepower and "member" compensating qualities. This time, I was in the market for sensible. Plus, Honda was wise enough to forego a Sport badge on the rear gate, so, we can let it be

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Lifelong Honda fan

aerozeppelinn, 04/16/2011
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I bought a 2004 civic vp, regrettably traded that in for a family sized wagon, and now just got a 2011 fit for myself. I've only had it about 800 miles, but absolutely love it.

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Reliability issues

autonix, 07/23/2013
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Less than 3 years old and have already had to have valves adjusted and the heater blower motor replaced! Definitely reliability issues.

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