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CLJ, 11/27/2006
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I absolutely could not be happier with this purchase. Bought the car sight unseen since Hybrids are in short supply (and having never owned a Honda before). Much roomier than I had expected and fit/finish of interior and exterior are phenomenal! Quality materials used throughout cabin. Love the split-level dash; very easy to read at a glance and keep an eye on my instantaneous MPGs. The new Civic body style is beautiful. I probably would not have purchased a Civic hybrid if they were still producing the last generation model. In the warmer months I averaged 48-55 MPG, but now that the weather has cooled, I get around 42- 46 MPG. Not bad anyway you look at it, and double the MPG of my old car!

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THRILLED I bought this car!

Joe M., 11/02/2006
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I expected to buy the '06 Prius, but after test driving I found the Civic handled much better and didn't have as much cabin noise. The only disappointment I've had is the fact the engine "auto-stop" feature (when stopped at a light) doesn't always kick- in. The manual explains some of the reasons this doesn't always happen, but there are still some times I can't figure why it doesn't shut down. That's minor, though, in light of the excellent "green rating" (#1 on some lists) and my overall satisfaction - I HIGHLY recommend this car!

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Unique, purely Unique

Frank, 11/25/2006
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I expected nothing less from Honda. The car delivers excellent performance and reliability. One can only say it outperforms what Honda states. This is the quietest car on the market. You do not even hear it start. An impressive achievement. While Toyota makes a good hybrid, Honda has kept the price down and delivered an amazing driving experience. I am achieving 45+ miles to the gallon. I drive to my clients homes for a living and I spend lots of hours in this car. Having come from Beemers and high end cars I expected this to be a let down - NOT! You will be proud to own this car and you will be saving the environment.

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So Far, So Good

bernball, 11/15/2005
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One of the first HCH cars sold in the Raleigh, NC area. So far, my highway mileage has been between 45-53 mpg; city 35-42 mpg (my commute is 99% freeway). Seating is quite comfortable and the cabin is fairly quiet. Engine noise is most pronounced during hard acceleration and there is some wind noise around the side mirrors. Acceleration is adequate and the CVT (transmission) is wonderfully smooth. Overall, much improved over the 2005 model. Me likey! A lot!

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Awesome and Fun

tom, 12/29/2006
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I purchased this vehicle for my daughter. Both she and I love the car, it is fun and cheap to drive. It has the best features for a HY! Compared to her Mercedes Benz SUV, the HY is cheaper and more fun to drive.

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