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Buy one for reliability

carterpuma, 06/19/2013
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I struggled with constant repairs on domestic cars for years before purchasing this car. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Bought at 47K miles in 2007 and now have 120K. In that time only ONE thing has ever gone wrong and that was a sensor that only cost $150. It just blows my mind how reliable this thing is. This car is such a smart choice and can be found for under $5K atm. Will be one of the best vehicle investments you ever make.

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Still running with new parts

Bigtaka1, 05/17/2010
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I bought my civic used in 2005 with 37K miles and now have 158K. I have been a stickler with scheduled maintenance and have averaged between 33 and 38 mpg. I go on long drives once a month and it does well, but the seats are uncomfortable and you feel every pebble and crack and on the road. I replaced the ignition coils at 120K, the clutch at 153K and the head gasket replaced at 155K, which was hard to diagnose as the symptoms lead you to think the issue is elsewhere (overheating and heater malfunctioning), and the dealership was clueless. Otherwise it has been good to me. I would recommend buying this car, but if the miles are high look for one with new head gasket!

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Love it still

civic man, 08/10/2010
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I got my 03 civic in may of 03. My car now has 145,000 miles on it and the only thing I have done is change the tires, brakes, and batt. The power lock does not lock my driver door anymore but not to worried about that. I still get about 32 mpg in town and 40 on the road. I could not ask for a better first car, after 7 years I would not even think of trading it. Amazing car!

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It has survived me so far with 200k+

C Read, 03/11/2010
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I've enjoyed driving the car, mileage is great, especially since I drive a lot of miles, but I have had my problems with the car: alternator went at 90k, the trans had a bearing go at 135k (replacement required), paint started peeling at year 4, ECCM (computer) went at 197k, the fabric on the doors started coming off (glue degraded). The engine is still. Though this car hasn't been as worry free as hoped, but with the high mileage accumulated as quick as it was, I would say it has handled as well could be expected with any car, I'll compare my next car when I get one, until then.

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The best car ever

nick869, 08/30/2010
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My honda is the best compact car that feels like I'm driving a sport. Safe, fun (drifting ha ha), and great fuel economy.

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The way a Honda should be

honda4311, 03/01/2012
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The seashore mist metallic coupe now has 120,000+ miles on it and still runs great. It uses a negligable amount of oil, and the oil stays clean between the changes. I just changed all of the belts, thermostat, plugs, brake rotors, and tires. The car runs like new except for a little belt screach when it's cold and/or wet. I'm really anticipating getting 200,000+ out of this car. My wife however, not so lucky. A 2002 Honda Accord SE with the same mileage riddled with oil consumption problems (1/2 quart week) and a transmission that is holding on for dear life.

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best car i've ever owned, BY FAR

thwipp89, 05/08/2013
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bought my EX automatic new in '03 and have 125k miles after 10 yrs. after having a few american cars that were unreliable money pits, this car has been spectacular for me. wish i would've bought a honda sooner than i did. over 10 yrs, i've spent about $1k in non-maintenance repairs- mostly emissions/exhaust related, most of which has been at the 10 yr mark. i did need to replace the alternator after about 9 yrs. i average 30 MPG combined (about 65% city) but i have a very heavy foot.

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Watch Out For That Tranny

Adam, 11/10/2010
EX 2dr Coupe (1.7L 4cyl 5M)
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We take good care of our car. We put low miles on it every year. At 65,000 miles the transmission should not fail. To make it worse, Honda has no interest in making it right. Be very cautious when buying this car. There may not be many complaints about the '03 transmission now, but they're about to come of age. Do a search for '01 transmission problems and start saving for the impending rainy day. Don't say you weren't warned.

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Mixed review

mixed review, 07/09/2009
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Bought new in 9/03. Front passenger strut failed at approx 4k. Clutch started making squeaking noise at 25k. At 60k had clutched inspected, not an issue that has to be fixed but would cost $600 to eliminate the squeak. Driver door lock worn out at around 60k making it embarrassing when trying to get in the car if I actually locked the door. Cheap paint chips and scratches easy. Dents really easy. Not having ABS is a little dangerous, and the car for being so lite weight lacks breaking power.

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Best Car I Ever Owned

techgromit, 03/19/2012
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I owned my 2003 Honda Civic LX for 8 years now, it's given me the least amount of problems compared to every other car I ever owned. True it's also the first new car I ever owned, but I've has far more problems with other used cars with less mileage. Parts last longer than other cars I've owned, from tires, to struts to breaks, they all need to be replaced less often, at least that's been my experience. The transmission does slip a little when it cold out until the car is warmed up, replacing the transmission fluid twice did little to improve it, but so long as I let the car warm up before doing any drag races, it runs fine.

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