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EX-L V6 Accord Coupe is Upscale, Sporty, Reliable and Even Hot!

tcarstar, 01/08/2011
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The 2011 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 looks great outside and inside. The exterior looks upscale and sporty like an entry-level luxury car. The handling is tight and sporty. The black leather interior looks sporty and upscale. It's hot! The Accord coupe exterior looks different than the sedan. I would compare the V6 Accord Coupe more to an Infinity or Acura than a Camry, Fusion or Sonata sedan. We also own a loaded 2010 Camry XLE sedan to compare against. The Camry has a more comfortable, quiet and luxurious ride, but the Accord V6 Coupe is more sporty and hot looking inside and out. The Honda Accord is super reliable, so you always have dependable transportation and no headaches. It's a good buy.

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Purchased Honda Accord EXL V6 - White

sbains, 10/10/2010
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I purchased my 2011 Honda Accord EXL V6 on 10/9/10 from AutoWest Honda. I got a great deal, as I negotiated $26,250 + fees (=$750 destination, $482 DMV fees, $55 doc and 9.25% sales tax). This came to under $30k out-the- door. Car has very good torque (254lb) and 271 horsepower which makes it nice and punchy to get on freeways and for overtaking rubberneckers! I also own a 2005 Honda Odyssey and the 3.5l engine is similar but torqued differently. The road noise is not as bad as the editorial review, you will notice some wind noise and you will not hear the engine.

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2011 Honda Accord LX-P

mike_in_sc, 07/08/2012
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Coming from a 2000 Honda Civic, this is a big step up. My Accord is a polished metal metallic (dark gray) LX-P and looks decently sharp for a mid-size sedan. I like most things about the Accord, but am a little disappointed that the interior isn't that much more comfortable than my Civic. I'm a relatively tall guy (6'2") and really wish the steering wheel telescoped out farther. I have to move the seat up much closer than I'd like to be able to comfortably reach the steering wheel, so a lot of the extra room gained by moving up from the Civic is not really usable to me. The lumbar support is too aggressive and not adjustable on the LX-P model.

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One Sharp Car! Must keep tires at 34+

nyjock9, 03/11/2011
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Picked up my Accord Coup EXL V6 Automatic,polished Metal Metallac,w Black leather interior on Jan 28th for 26,300$ before tax with splash and door guards,wheel locks and trunk tray included. Have 1,000 miles now and my V6 is getting 28mpg highway,15mpg city,fine for such a fast car. I've gotten nothing but praise since i bought the car,surprised i dont see more on the road here in the NY area. One thing i did notice is the dealership had the tire pressue at bout 38lbs!,I knocked them down to bout 35 lbs of pressure and the car is getting fine mileage with great handling and response from a dead stop,any less than 35lbs and the car feels sluggish and the gas mileage drops bout 2 or 3 mpg.

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Sport car performance, Honda reliability = win win

deemic, 06/08/2013
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I knew I wanted an Accord for my next car. Honestly, before researching I didn't even know Honda made an Accord Coupe though. Once I started researching this vehicle, I knew it was the one for me. It has every option imaginable in this version, except navigation which I haven't missed. The look is definitely Accord, but much much sportier than the sedan version. Also, the handling is improved with the 18in. wheels and tighter suspension. You can paddle shift down a couple gears and take the hair pin curves and freeway ramps with incredible speed and precision. For that handling dynamic, the ride quality suffers slightly. But with a 6 second 0-60, It's well worth it.

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