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2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD

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First two years were heaven.

T1, 07/16/2003
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This last year has been quite another story. I've had a complete Brake job including replacing all four rotors which were fine 2500 miles before. The sudden complete failure of all four brakes cost 1600 dollars for that. The four wheel drive switch has gone twice causing the truck to shift in and out of gears and fall out of 4WD. This also caused premature wear of the U-joints, which needed replacing. The fan motor now is going and needs to be replaced. The engine burns a quart of oil every 2200 miles and knocks like mad for the first five minutes of run time until it's warm. The engine also knocks if I use any gas other than premium.

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Not Professional Grade

Bigfins, 07/10/2004
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The 6.0 engine knocks a little until warm...other than that it's ok. Lacks real pulling power, even with a 410 rear end. Tranny went out at 9700 miles. Power window regulator at 37000 miles ($500), Rotors now acting up at 47000 (all of a sudden??) Pampered truck. Goes to FL with a light trailer and back annually, othewise no strain. Hauls nothing. Looks like the 8.1 and the Allison was the way to go. Ride was real choppy from day one. I mean bouncey on an uneven road! Hang on in the rear seat! GM should be able to do MUCH better than this. They say every HD truck is made for what expense?

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seats not up to mar

brian, 06/14/2003
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For a top of the line truck that listed for over $32000 new you would think the company would put in better seats ;such as more padding in the bottom seat and go back to having the whole seat move by power not just the bottom. (this is for the cloth seat). the seats in my 1997 were more conforbly , other than the seatr it is an excellent truck.

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My 2500-HD

reeddallas, 01/07/2003
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I have owned many new vehicles from trucks to sports cars from Prosches (2), Corvettes (2), VW's (3), Fords (6), Dodges (1), Chevys (2), Mercedes, to Buicks (2). I have never owned any vehicle that has given me the driving satisfaction of never having a squeak, squeal, rattle, or mechainical problem: From dealer lot to 24,000 miles this has been an excellent vehicle and I congratulate GM for delivering the value. I gave this vehicle a relatively poor rating for gas economy but I do like the 6000 Vortec engine and I knew the gas requirements before I purchased the truck: I'd buy this engine again gas economy notwithstanding.

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M. Fisher, 04/05/2002
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My GMC is equiped with the 8.1 liter engine and Allison 5 speed transmission. I tow a 26 foot travel trailer and cross the US frequently. The trailer weighs 7500 pounds, loaded. I have had no problems with performance and it has ample power in the mountains (Rockies). The only down side was the difference in the cost of oil changes at GM dealers. High of $32 low $17.

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