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Greta truck

Alan, 04/03/2010
4dr Crew Cab SLE Rwd SB (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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This has been a great truck. One person wrote that his wouldn't tow, but he had the 6 cylinder. Why someone would not buy a V8 for towing is beyond me. My 5.3 has been flawless and I often tow a boat, motor, and trailer weighing 7000 lb and the G38 locking differential has allowed me to get up any boat ramp. I added a K&N cold air intake and Gibson cat back exhaust and get 22 MPG on the interstate and and 28 at 55 MPH.

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Used Cowboy Cadallic

Edward A. Brown, Jr., 12/30/2017
4dr Crew Cab Denali AWD SB (6.0L 8cyl 4A)
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The crew cab option means you have a short bed. If you want to haul something the size of a sheet of plywood, you have to have the tail gate down. Since this vehicle has a 6 liter engine it gets lousy gas mileage but it will pull 8000# with no problems.

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Mostly electrical problems

Dennis Brooks, 08/04/2010
4dr Crew Cab SLT Rwd SB (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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I bought this truck new in 2005, have put 67k miles on it in 5 years. This is a very comfortable truck. I took it on many 300 mile trips without a rest stop, feeling like I had only driven to town. However the many electrical problems has me wondering about the quality of gmc. Less than 5k the instrument display showed "electrical malfunction". The dealership repaired and did not give me reason. Other problems are evap solenoid, power door lock, brake master cylinder, bumping in steering column, 4wd transfer case switch, speedometer would go to 0, seat heater shorted out, headlights and dash lights flicker anytime you hit brakes or use Windows. The dealer gave an extra 2 yr warr for free due to the issues

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Best vehicle I have ever owned!

Jeff, 02/17/2008
4dr Crew Cab Denali AWD SB (6.0L 8cyl 4A)
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I just bought this truck used and it looks like it just rolled off the factory line. I have owned 2 F-150s and 04 Dodge Ram Quad cab. This by far blows them away. I traded a BMW 525i for it and I actually enjoyed the ride home better. My kids love the factory RSE DVD player and the room in the backseat compared to the other trucks I have owned. I love the driver's seat with the 4 point lumbar support, dual heated and powered front seats and very soft leather front and back. I have always jumped from vehicle to vehicle but I think I have found what I was looking for - a vehicle that has all the comforts of a sports car and the convenience of a pick-up truck.

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Needed work but worth it.

murrayst45, 05/26/2011
4dr Crew Cab SLE Rwd SB (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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Bought this in fall of 2007 with 60 thousand miles. Pumped a lot more money into it than I thought I would have to, to start out. Wheel hub bearings on both sides. Tie Rod ends. Ball joints. Air conditioner blower motor. u joints. Overhauled front brakes and rotors. This was over a course over 60 thousand more miles I have pumped into it. 122k on it now. I really do like this truck though, I do not pull very much and I love the feel behind the wheel. If it was 4x4 it would be perfect, but its very dependable and hasn't ever broken down on me on the road. I'm hoping to get several more miles out of it. Only problem now, the wheels never stay in balance or alignment and I never offroad it.

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2005 Sierra Denali

Dave034, 03/19/2005
4dr Crew Cab Denali AWD SB (6.0L 8cyl 4A)
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The power and acceleration are unbelievable. Handling is very good for a pickup. I only have 1000 miles on it so far, but very satisfied overall. I previously had an '01 Tahoe with the 5.3 engine, and the Sierra Denali with the 6.0 is getting slightly better mileage (if I keep a light foot on the gas). For some reason I could never average better than 13.5 with the Tahoe around town, and am getting just under 14 with the Sierra. I think the ethanol fuels around here are partly to blame for lower mileage. The tonneau cover that came with the truck is OK, but I think an Access brand cover would be better - easier to roll up than the GMC model. The all wheel drive is very smooth.

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Denali Hauls!

Black Magic, 07/18/2005
4dr Crew Cab Denali AWD SB (6.0L 8cyl 4A)
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I have driven about 2200 miles in the first month. Half of the miles are towing a 5,500 lb. ski/wakeboard boat. This truck is incredible for towing. The AWD never spins on the ramp or backing up my 13% driveway with the boat. Loaded, the ride is excellent. Unloaded, it is a little choppy compared to my previous Yukon Denali XL. But, hey it's a truck. Mileage is better than my '01 DXL at 14mpg average. Again, it's a 345HP truck, it's for hauling. Great truck. Unloaded, this thing is fast for a truck and fun to drive. No problems so far.

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No More GM 4 me

LostFaithGM, 05/29/2010
4dr Crew Cab SLE 4WD SB (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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Bought truck new and totally disappointed. Truck now has over 104k miles and here is list of repair. Passenger hub replaced under warranty and driver hub replaced at 76k. Trans rebuild 75k. Torque converter replaced @ 83k. Power steering has been terrible since 30k. Front diff passenger seal leaks since under warranty and driver front diff seal leaked at 101k. Now water pump gasket leak @ 103k. U-joint at T-case & drive shaft replaced at 86k. Interior makes noises and this is considered normal. Noisy cab when cruising at over 45 miles. Rust is everywhere on the chassis. My last GM light duty truck

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2nd GM truck

Jonathan, 04/17/2010
4dr Crew Cab SLE Rwd SB (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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I started with a 99 Chevy Z71 that I drove 200k miles and beyond it's last leg so I traded it in for this GMC Crew 2WD with the 5.3 L. I was disappointed with the extended travel in the front suspension and huge turn radius. It's great on long trips for comfort, but gas mileage averages around 14 in the city and 16 on the highway. It feels real solid until you tow ANYTHING more than 500 #'s, it struggles over 55 mph with shifting a lot, due to lack of torque. The steering pops and clunks like my 99' did, the same for the rear-end chirp on start/stops. Bad design still being used from 99, that's just annoying. I like the comfort and prefer cloth over leather on long trips and in hot Texas.

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Velvet glove, Iron Fist

Ray, 02/03/2005
4dr Crew Cab SLE 4WD SB (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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This truck is the ultimate Great American Vehicle, a fast, powerful and exquisitely beautiful truck. I grew up in the seventies, and loved cars. This truck is quicker than Vettes of that era, with a ride equal to that of luxury cars of today. With its Z-71 suspension system this monsterous beast can cut around corners like a sports car, not bad for being able to tow 4 Mazda Miatas down the road without breaking a sweat. Gas mileage can stink, but this truck also comes with a sophisticated Driver Information System, one of its abilites is giving instantaneous fuel mileage. Steady 60 MPH kicks back 24.9 mph. That is phenomenal! Gunning the rumbling 5.3 motor is addicting however! I LOVE IT!

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