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best kept secret on the planet

ZAKEN1, 03/18/2009
2dr Hatchback
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I bought my 1990 Geo Metro from the original owner in 1992, with 58,000 miles on it. It was used daily for a 100 + mile freeway run; the easiest possible type of driving. The owner had been using Castrol Syntec 5W-50 synthetic oil, and had added an Amsoil bypass oil filter. I continued using the same oil and changing oil and filters regularly. The car is now 19 years old, and has run nearly 300,000 miles. I've replaced two timing belts, a water pump, an alternator, an oil seal, two sets of front brakes, tires, batteries, and tune up parts. The engine never had any internal repairs, has the original clutch, and runs better today than it did when I bought it (I am a professional mechanic).

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Lasts Long

Bill, 02/14/2007
2dr Hatchback
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It has been 16 years since I had bought my Metro when it was new and it had nearly 600,000 miles. I have gone through 4 clutches, 2 front subframes, and 1 floorboard, which I replaced because it caved in last month on I-10. I had it dynoed 3 months ago and it made 21 hp, pretty good for such a high mileage car. Unfortunately, last week I parked it too close to the dump trucks at the quarry and I ran over it. That was when I discovered it was saturated with rust. Overall, it was a great car.

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First new car I bought

just_john, 02/21/2013
2dr Hatchback
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I bought the 1990 Metro new for $6499. My wife used to drive between Randolph AFB and Lackland AFB everyday for work. Almost always she would encounter "rush hour traffic" that moved at 45-50 MPH. On her 90 mile commute at this low speed she routinely achieved 62-63 MPG week after week. After about 18 months she decided that she needed a more comfortable car. It had 65,000 trouble-free miles on it when we sold it. No cruise control, no A/C, no frills of any kind. BTW, on a trip to South Dakota and back we averaged 65 MPH and got 46 MPG HWY.

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Great Car

ragar092369, 01/08/2003
4dr Hatchback
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I bought this car with 65,000 miles and drove it back and forth to work. I got great gas mileage and good performance. I was amazed that a 3 cylinder engine could perform so well. It was very reliable all year round. I only had to replace the tires and the wipers and maybe the fan belt. Other than that it was a wonderful car to have.

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1990 Geo Metro convertible

Kathy, 10/08/2018
LSi 2dr Convertible
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When one is looking at these sweet little cars, be aware of a few things. 1. The rag top- make sure it fits and the latches are in good condition. 2. Be aware of any rust under the door and in the wheel wells. 3. Since mine only goes to 99999, be sure you get the real mileage on the car, I have notice some do not reflect what is really on the car. 4. Getting up to speed is very slow with this car, as long as you know this and don't expect it to speed down the road, you will be fine. This car is fun, fuel efficient and a looker as there are not to many of them on the road. This would not be a good car for the winter, so if you are looking for a cheap, fun convertible this may be the car for you! I purchased the car cheap enough to add and repair many of the things I wanted done. I totally love my car!

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