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HAD IT AWHILE NOW 6YEARS WOW,8years still movin

PERRY, 10/06/2015
2dr Coupe (5.4L 8cyl S/C 6M)
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Car is great I had a 08 gt500 traded it in back in 09 for this 10 and no one has ever driven it but me no one I watched it backed off the truck and it sat were the driver put it I told dealer do not pdi the car leave it sit ill take it from their and I did but now it 2015 39000miles and it has developed a few issues the rotors (front) pulsate pretty bad and it just started getting a clicking in the dash when key is 1st turned on sounded like the ac air blend mix door actuator trying to reset itself or something not good the clutch is hard to shift from day one dealer said its normal I would not let them get behind wheel I know it has a problem or issue ill fix it my self when the time comes but with that said the car is really a fantastic car if u can find a good used one get it 2010 was the lowest production year for the cars I also added the diablo program and the gas milage went up to 27 on hwy at 60 but who does that anymore and it goes down drastically above that who cares it gained more power id say 20rwh just a great car its a keeper.This is the upate to the car 1 year later nothing has changed still a great car i think i am getting too used to the power to me it seems to have less or lost some performance but when i look in the rear view mirror objects are way far back and people that have not ridden in it before say it is really fast and this might sound stupid when i take it out i can never find a fast car around to run and as soon as i take it home and get a different car they show up so that's about it it's 2017 now and still have the car i had a problem with the dual zone climate control one of the actuator start clicking like it had become out of program and was trying to rest or it had a stripped gear but it stopped just before i was ready to fix it had to replace front tires worn out tow in or camber issue but i got 41k from front shes still running great took trip to NC from fl 28mpg@65mph and it nose dives above that to around 23 @ 70-75mph with program diablo performer setting see ya in a couple years Its almost the end of 2017 now the car is still doing great as time has evolved the cars have gotten faster every year so this is a middle of the road performer but it still moves great just went tio Georiga last month in the hurricane evacuation took the 500 i was afraid the storm would gt it we are on the coast but car ran like a top all the way up and back in stop and go traffic and the ac programmer issue i had is still holding its got 44000 now no dents yet ---Its 2019 the car has 52000 and purrrrs like a top i checked and the plugs were to be changed at 45000 missed that one so ill check them and replace them also the ac programmer stopped clicking and still works but if it did once it will do it again time will tell no dents or secatched yet still like like new or better runs great just took it up to md from fl 26mpg at 65 used mid grade fuel with the detune in it put new tires on back michelin ss tires hooks great well til the next up date.Its almost 2021 with all thats going on c`19 i still drive the car some not much it has no issues i got my 1st scratch and i did it damn but the car is running fine still i changed the plugs at 53k they looked new i should have put them back in easy to change

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New Generation Mustang

Tom Sarac, 06/01/2010
2dr Coupe (5.4L 8cyl S/C 6M)
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Purchased my 2010 shelby coupe only a few days ago, drove it back from Toronto to Montreal, have logged some mileage in a short period of time. As of 4 days of ownership compared to the 04 heavily modified mustang cobra I built and drove as a summer car for 6 yrs. I am pleased with the direction of this generation of mustang. Stock for a car of this weight it is well composed, responsive, comfortable and looks hot. Hats off to Ford for being able to make a live axle work. A few upgrades and this car can further defy the reality of its weight significantly. Pleasure and easy to drive, gas mileage is surprisingly good and the overall driving experience has delivered the mustang into a new era

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New to Ford

Richard, 10/08/2010
2dr Coupe (5.4L 8cyl S/C 6M)
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I am a pro-Ford, pro-Dodge, pro-Chevy guy and really enjoy seeing all three ramp up their muscle car lines. In other words, I have no bias for or against any of the three. This is the first Ford product (other than my '28 model A) and it has been a blast so far. Excellent power, the stability control has saved my @$$ and my kids can't wait until I die so they get to drive it! I have no plans to ever get rid of this one. I highly recommend it to people looking for a long term addition to his/her garage and to those who enjoy weekends with nice weather or taking a car to the track.

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Ford Hit a home run

Lee, 07/01/2010
2dr Coupe (5.4L 8cyl S/C 6M)
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I'm an old Hot rodder. Used to run 100 mph everywhere but it seemed it took so long to get there & you'd better have two hands on the wheel. This thing will go to 150 mph easily with one hand on the wheel. The handling is incredible. The sync is great and the weather radar has kept the hail off it more than once. Can't see how to make it better.

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Bravo SVT!

DJTALLMO, 10/22/2010
2dr Coupe (5.4L 8cyl S/C 6M)
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This model is much better than the 2006-2009 models and so much better than the Mustangs of the 1980's era. Ford SVT finally put out an exemplary product that you can feel confident about. The GT500 is a performance level vehicle for under 50k with daily driver characteristics. Transmission, engine, suspension and interior build quality are equal the euro models. Many compliments by others-body lines, wheels, brakes, exhaust etc. My only suggestion would be to swap out the Goodyear rubber for a better product. Otherwise, an exemplary product and improvement over the past Shelby models.

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