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1992 Ford Ranger
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Love my man's truck

D Havens, 04/22/2007
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We've had 2 Mazda Proteges and a Toyota Sienna in the time since we bought this truck, and the truck has easily outlasted them all. Granted, the red paint has faded to a funny dark pink, but it has never been in the shop for any major repairs. And, no, we don't work on it at home. My Sienna, which cost more than 3 times the amount, has cost me at least the price of the truck in repairs. Thank you, Ford, for a simple, no- frills, dependable product.

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!992 ford Ranger XLT

Rod 087, 05/27/2004
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This is my second ranger and it has been a very good truck,the only thing i had to repair were normal wear and tear items like brakes ,tires ,shocks, the only real repiar was the intake manifold was leaking antifreeze and i had to relace the gasket in 130,000 miles.

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Satisfied original owner - 14 years

atnfmc, 02/10/2006
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This Ford Ranger is my second in a row. I purchased this one because it has air conditioning and I need it here in South Florida. I have maintained it on schedule and have garaged it whenever possible. The only large expense has been the clutch. Because of the position of the slave cylinder it is impossible to service the slave without removing the housing for the master cylinder, too. So, clutch work is expensive. All else is original and works well.

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1992 Ranger 4x4 STX Ext. cab. SB

rubyshaun, 08/19/2004
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I got this truck, and have loved every moment I've spent in it, I'm 18, and I go four wheeling, and I wheel hard. This truck has held sturdy, with no modifications (No lift, stock tires, etc), and it comes off the dirt, onto concrete wonderfully. My only vauge complaint would be gas mileage, but for a 4.0 V-6, it does wonderfully, especially if you take off the tailgate, an easy removal. My only warning bout this truck is it seems that the paint flakes off alot. Buy this if you want a sturdy small work truck...Not if you want a pretty truck.

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tabbies, 12/21/2011
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This is my dad's ranger. He fxed it up so it's like new, had an enourmous amount of problems(refused to start, worn everything, severe loss of fuel efficiency/performance etc, etc, etc, etc,) Now the brakes work like a charm, brand new engine, trans, tires, etc. main problems=BODY ROLL IS INSANE, my dad could not drive it after a short drive, he had a bad knot in his neck and I drove him home. fuel economy is on avg. 17mpg. you have to keep in the 2-3k rpm band for tiptop perfor/fuel effici. It has decent power. It's a bit loud but I like to hear the engine. overall, if you can find one, and fix it up, buy it. It's a good choice, unless your old and experience frequent joint pains. -_-

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