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Ford 2008 f350 6.4 turbo diesel dually 4dr

David Pierce, 10/11/2015
FX4 4dr SuperCab 4WD LB DRW (6.8L 10cyl 6M)
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The 2008 f350 6.4L turbo diesel dually 4wd is junk. Mine only has 69,809 miles on it and still has Fords extended manufacture warranty and i still had to pay for $10,000 in repairs for a whole new fuel system. I get my oil changed, separator drained, and fuel filter changed as required, every 3 months, by Ford and its on record and its about $225 each time. Apparently even though Ford says this is a diesel truck, it hates diesel. The fuel system automatically sucks up all the water and junk thats in diesel before it uses the gas. Therefore everything rusts. Ford knows there is an issue and there are blogs all over about the high pressure fuel pump so check it out. Plus you get a whopping 5 to 6 mpg when towing anything.

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Ford won't honor warranty

Big Tim, 02/04/2010
Lariat 4dr SuperCab 4WD LB (5.4L 8cyl 6M)
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I have been a Ford man for the last ten trucks owned. No longer. Bought this beauty of a truck with all the bells and whistles, been proud as a peacock til now. First, had a problem with the HVAC fan, consistently has a ticking and humming sound, taken in several times, no issues according to the technician. Now, while driving, the engine stalled. Took it in and found the high pressure fuel pump faile and sent metal filings into system. Ford sent a tech out and took samples, responded via fax that they were voiding the powertrain warranty and would not cover repairs. Said there was too much water in fuel system. When asked why their fuel/water separator did not catch, no response.

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It's Not Entirely Ford's Fault

Sjmiller05, 07/24/2009
Lariat 4dr SuperCab LB DRW (5.4L 8cyl 6M)
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I want to fist say that I have the King Ranch and it has the most amazing leather package that I have ever seen! Next, it is not entirely Ford's fault regarding fuel economy. In 2008, the EPA mandated DPF filters on all diesel trucks resulting in horrible fuel economy. The radiator issue is a recall, and I had mine replaced at 35k -- since then I had no problems. Towing: I tow a 38ft 12k fifth wheel and live in Colorado (high altitude). The DPF while in regen will increase EGTs resulting in the turbo fans to go off and sometimes resulting in the truck going into limp mode. I find this to be this trucks serious flaw.

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KT FROM CALLI, 05/06/2010
XLT 4dr SuperCab LB DRW (5.4L 8cyl 6M)
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Don't be in a hurry to turn against the traffic unless you have a good heart. There is no power below 2,000 RPM, after that the truck just kicks you into the back seat. It's agood thing they put a 40 gallon fuel tank on the truck, at 10.5 MPG you need it. They need to inprove the off the line performance and the fuel economy, other than taht the trucks has live up to my expectations.

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Ford should be ashamed!

ford hater, 07/22/2010
XLT 4dr SuperCab 4WD SB (5.4L 8cyl 6M)
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I recently purchased a 2008 f250 4wd with a 6.4 powerstroke. What a complete piece of #$@@#! Ford should be ashamed! I do realize that the engine in this pickup is manufactured by international harvester however Ford should not have placed it in one of their chassis. This boat anchor is so bad! I have had several fords and this will be my last! I have also had other manufacturers diesel pick ups over the years. First of all the thing gets 8 to 9 miles per gallon pulling a mere 6k pounds! Ha!The pickup gets only 13.6 empty on the highway. I previously owned a 2005 duramax that would have castrated this piece of crap and got 15.5 mpg loaded! This powertrain pkg is junk!

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