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Not so good

Chris K, 09/25/2010
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When I bought this SE car in 2002, it ran great, no trouble at all for 5 years. At 86,000 miles and after spotless maintenance checks and oil changes-- the engine died (2.7L). I found out from many forums online-- that the 2.7L engine was total junk. The oil passages in it are microscopic which leads to oil starvation of the various parts. This is a design flaw! There is no warning! One minute the car is running, the next it stops. In my engine, the timing chain tensioner quit (oil driven)-- the OHC failed, leading to valve breakage-- result, total junk engine. For those of you whose engine is still running- you are extremely lucky! But beware-- your engine could fail at any moment!

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jkm127, 08/22/2002
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This has been THE worst car I have ever owned. As a result I will NEVER buy another Chryler product. Chryler does not stand behind it's product and provide unacceptable customer service. Got buy a Honda or Toyota, you won't have to worry about bring stranded in the middle of a busy freeway during rush hour traffic.

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Cheap, but very reliable

rmasters2007, 12/04/2012
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Cheap (i.e. painted plastic bumpers), difficult to maintain (i.e. water pump driven by timing chain, $1,200 to replace). Poor quality (i.e. electric issues, plastic pieces breaking). 220,000 miles and still runs strong. Regular oil changes with good oil, never had any issues so far. It will die one day, probably because either being involved in an accident or an expensive repair.

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I love my car

secret, 07/18/2015
SE 4dr Sedan (2.7L 6cyl 4A)
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Touchy, but reliable and fun to drive

inconsumer2011, 01/31/2011
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As of now, over 205,000 miles on original engine and transmission. Car is touchy due to hit and runs, and the lack of real bumpers. The painted plastic bumpers immediately missalign and the paint cracks. Car runs fine, except for normal wear and tear, no issues (yet) considering the bad engine reputation. But we keep up the maintenance and don't let an unknown kid touch our car. Too many specifics. Did you know that there is a second transmission fluid compartment which has to be drained and filled seperately from the main transmission? See? Gas mileage is great for a car this size, on the highway going the speed limit of course we get 28 miles, city and short distance drips 15.

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Love my Intrepid!

Johnny, 01/16/2009
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I bought my car less than 1 yr old with 20,000 miles on it. I've taken it to Vegas 3 times, LA nmerous times and my baby is as strong now as she was when I first bought her. Oil change every 4 months, full tune up every 10 months, 2 sets of tires and now she has 198,000 miles and still going strong. 2.7L engine could use a little boost, but love it just the same. Especially on cruise control going uphill. What a boost in rpm's! And road curves? What cornering! What road hugging. Makes me feel like I'm driving at Talladega Speedway!

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Worst thing ever built!

buckeyekitty, 01/20/2009
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This car is honest to goodness, the biggest piece of junk ever! We have owned it since 2002 & have had nothing but trouble. The brakes have been a major issue from the start. The air has gone out multiple times. Replaced the engine at 60k miles. Oil light flickers..been to 2 dealership, neither can seem to figure it out. Had to replace a window motor. Now the heater box needs to be replaced. Nothing is simple to fix on this beast. Nickle & dimed to death. Way too may issues for one vehicle. I have cursed this car for many many years & this week I finally get to junk it! Yea! Done with Dodge!

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pstorm, 05/19/2009
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The comfort and everything about this car is nice. The dependability is terrible. I payed $2500 for the car. i know a great eal , until i started having to repair it. in the past two years i have paid out almost $12000 in repair. if its not one thing its another. i have replaced the engine the torque converter, the brakes the shifter cable, cv joint( snapped when i was driving .... not fun ) struts. and the list goes on and on. I could have bought a new car for that. i know i kinda did it to myself but i can't get a loan to pay for a car.

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Jessica, 07/04/2009
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Listen to all of these reviewers when they say that the 2.7 engine will die on you. Because it will! Mine just happened to chose 5 months after I bought it. And replacing the engine was not an option because they are so hard to find and the fix will cost more then what the car is worth. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from this car!!

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My baby

Jaime E. Carball II, 08/04/2009
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Overall fun car, I had it since college graduation. It has taken me everywhere no problem. It is a big car but it handles just fine. Add on a few aftermarket products to enhance mileage and performance and you'll be set for quite a while. It's reliable, dependable and just plain fun. General maintenance upkeep, regular wash and wax and it to this day still looks brand new. I have the dark blue one and I still love driving it to this day. 8 years and still going strong, best vehicle ever made, best vehicle I ever owned.

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