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Intrepid---241,000 miles--

joyce27, 08/08/2011
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Well, I have decided after driving my 2001 Intrepid for 241,00 miles, it warranted a review for consumers. I did not have any mechanical issues with the car until it reached the 170,000 mark. I have always maintained the normal with the required oil changes, etc. At the 100,000 of the cooling fans quit working..timing built, alternater replaced,...I loved my Intrepid;s solid performance and was not ready to purchase a different automobile, decided to make the necessary mechanical repairs. To my pleasant surprise my Intrepid is reached 241,000 miles!!!

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Best Car Ever!! 2014 and Still Going Strong 232000 miles

uniquelylisa, 06/28/2014
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I bought this car in 2008 for only $1400 because it had 150,000 miles. In 6 years I have had to go only regular maintenance - oil, tires, plugs, breaks oh and 1 tire rod. It's so much fun to drive but the shop I take it to says I have to change the timing belt they are concerned it has soo many miles. Honestly, I know they are right and it should be done. Great Car in fact the best car I have ever bought and I've had only new cars up to the day I bought was suppose to be an interim car til I decided what next. 6 years later I still Love IT

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my second Dodge

patnwaga, 03/03/2002
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I am on my second Intrepid. I went for the R/T Motorsports edition this time and am totally pleased. The ride is great and the additional power of the 3.5L vs. 2.7L really comes in handy on the interstate. My 2001 is much quieter than my 1998 base edition, and the ride is exceptional for a car in this price range. Driving about 50K per year I really need a car that is comfortable and reliable and my Intrepids have certainly been that.

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My first car

mmg16, 09/21/2011
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This was the first car I ever had, and I must say I loved it. I got it when it was just over 100,000 miles and I had it until 118,000. It would be still running today, but a drunk driver hit it and it was totaled. It was a great, reliable car. But it is important to keep up with oil changes and services. The interior is very comfortable and can easily fit five people-six uncomfortably. The trunk is huge, which was a great plus. This body style looks a lot nicer than the old one, all in all I think this is a great car.

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All good but the engine.

vince, 08/03/2009
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Bought the car new with 18 miles on it. Everything was great up until around 75000 miles and the water pump goes out and the water and antifreeze get mixed into the oil. Had it fixed for $1300. Then a few thousand miles later the oil light would come on at idle. Had to have the oil light indicator sensor replaced. And a bad rattle also developed and had to have the timing chain and guides replaced for $1500. Had them check the oil pump while they were at it, said it was okay. Oil coming on at idle again. Maybe I'll run it till she dies. Sure do love to drive it!!

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2000 Intrepid RT

Paolo, 11/17/2009
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I have owned this car since 2001. I bought it with 14000 miles on it and drive it hard. The car is now 10 years old with 120,000 miles on it and I have never had anything on the drive train cause me a problem. The one area that has been a pain is the upper front sway bar link which has been replaced by me twic in 10 years. I replaced the brakes once so far but have to replace the front rotors and pads again. I also need to replace the front struts which is not bad as they are the originals. This car is in Massachussetts with its winters, the car is terrible in snow, and the worst streets and highways in the country. I would buy this car again in a hearbeat.

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Johnny S. Garcia, Jr, 06/07/2009
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I bought this former rental car off a Dodge dealer's lot in Mar. 2002 with 35,000 miles and a MFG date of 06/01. My baby NOW has as of today's date (06/06/09) 218,171 miles on it!!!!!,,,It's a V6 2.7. Most of my miles came from highway miles. Read this and weep people, this car (MY CAR) IS AWESOME!!!!!,,,,I've done regular maintenance, tires, in fact, I went to the maximum width tire on 17 inch rims. The only major thing done on this car is the power steering pulley. It still has trhe orig tranny and batt. THANK YOU for this awesome car!!!!! I hear Dodge made a 2009 Intrepid?????

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Wouldn't buy it again

jackrelax, 07/14/2009
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Car was bought new and had no significant motoric or electrical problems for several years. The first non-driver related issue (that I can recall) was a cooling fan stopped working. This came about in 2006/07. The alternator seems to be going out now, 2009. The oil has been changed on a regular basis. A new battery was required, for the first time, a few months ago.

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laura, 03/02/2010
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loved my car until I reached the 79000 mile mark. My water pump failed allowing antifreeze to mix with oil which fried out all the bearings. Had to pay $600 just to cover the labor for the mechanic to get to the part. It will cost more to replace motor than the car is worth. I never imagined a car could fail so completely at this low of miles. Now that it's fixed my mechanic says I should dump the car because their transmissions have a 50% failure rate. Nice work Dodge! You can be sure I won't be purchasing your product again.

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i must have got the only good one

jose, 04/11/2010
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i have a 2001 se with 2.7 v6 and 123,000 + miles on the original engine and tranny. had to replace battery once and brakes as needed water pump at 100k did it myself and timing chain & guides while I was in there anyway. damn good car runs like new. I wonder if all the complainers ever heard of regular oil changes? I'll buy another one when this one dies if ever!

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