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This Works For Me

LuvnDad, 04/22/2003
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I have been the owner of this vehicle for a few weeks now. However it was bought brand new by my mom and dad. It is in excellent condition. I had many chances to drive this vehicle and I find it to be a very smooth ride. It hugs the road on turns and does not feel top heavy. The exterior is sweet. The rear spoiler and front fog lights give it a very sporty look. I never thought of myself as a minivan kind of guy; but I am glad I bought it and believe me it was well taken care of. The kids love it. There is plenty of room for them and now I don't hear she touching me or move over anymore.

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Epitaph for a minivan

70dave, 08/18/2008
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Bought this van for my wife to drive and as our family car. My wife has really enjoyed the van and I must admit it looks pretty good for a minivan with the rear spoiler and the alloy wheels. It even handles pretty good. We have three teenagers and the van has served the purpose well of transporting us with adequate leg room. I am 6,2" and it is not at all comfortable for the driver. There is nowhere to put your left leg due to the wheel hump. As of last week van had approx. 120,000 miles and was serviced regularly. I added transmission fluid all the time due to tranny leak so the fluid was always fresh. Same for power steering fluid and coolant. Crashed last week w/no air bags deployed. Bye van.

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Has been pretty good to me, considering

MDGUY, 06/10/2008
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I purchased the van at 40k miles after my ex totaled the '99 GC. It came from Canada (bad thing) originally and had 6k miles rolled off when brought into US. I now have 170k miles on it. In all, typical minor repairs with brakes and such. Trans done at 160k - not too bad really. Engine is a 3.8 and runs great - lots more power than the 3.3 I had before. Replaced the radiator - had a hole not due to defect, replaced the water pump at 120k or so - typical. It is getting to the point where more repairs need done - struts, front end work, tires, etc so I am dumping it. Bought a Nissan Sentra. Don't need a van any more. Considering I am not easy on cars, this one has held up pretty good!

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Tranny issue down the line, stay away...

vincent, 07/17/2008
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Bought the car new with the wife using it mostly for work and around town plus family vacations. Right about 44k miles the tranny went south on us. Dodge won't cover cause its out of warranty. Replaced it with a used tranny & 1500 miles into it the tranny died. This time got a brand new tranny from Dodge and it ran fine until 115k miles later. Tranny shot again. I should've read about all these Chrysler tranny issue before buying it. There's a site online dedicated to Chrysler tranny time bomb. They make decent looking car but interior and mechanical flaws are all over. Never will I buy another Chrysler product.

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Strut Towers

Caravangh, 08/02/2008
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If you have a Dodge Minivan, you have rusted Strut Towers. The over all Van is in great working order, run good, look good. BUT than you look under the hood WOW RUST like you have never seen before. The Strut Towers are so badly rusted around the top, I'm afraid one day my strut is going into orbit.

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