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smile every time i start it

wanderson, 05/12/2010
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other then a few minor problems (witch the dealer fix with no issues) my frist non family car has brought me much enjoyment, i am curently adding extras to make it mine. very fun to drive, turns heads, and performs.

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Awesome car if you have the means

Plum Carzy SRT8, 05/25/2010
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I have driven SUVs all my life and suddenly got an itch for a muscle car. I did not care for the body style of the mustang GT so I decided to look at the Camaro SS or the Challenger SRT8. I test drove the Camaro SS first given the fact it cost about $10000 less than the SRT8. it had really nice features and a decent ride and the power was outstanding but the clutch on the SS was very sharp and had a strong manual (jerky) feel when accelerating. The SRT8 has a much smoother ride, no jerky feel when transitioning gears, the clutch was much more forgiving than the SS. The vehicle has a classic style look that always turns heads and you cant beat the performance of American muscle.

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Update to my review

overland, 05/27/2010
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Updating my earlier review now that I have more miles on it. The Challenger is a fantastic car. I just love driving it. The V6 is plenty fast, great retro styling, quiet and solid ride and a real head turner. The paint finish is deep and rich. The new Mustangs and Camaros are nice, but very small and tight inside. The Challenger is very roomy. Dodge did an incredible job with this car. I got mine at invoice and 1.9% so no complaints whatsoever. Would not hesitate to get another one as a stable mate to the SE - an R/T in the future.

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Wow! I love this car!

Steve, 06/02/2010
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Well the only real mark down I can give this vehicle is on the gas mileage, but it's got a HEMI! So who cares! I didn't buy it to be practical or rational or any other logic other than I had to have it and I waited long enough! I was not disappointed in the least, it goes like a bat out of hell when you mash the pedal! What else do you really want to know? Go to the nearest dealer, test drive one and you will have all of your answers, promise.

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40 years in waiting

radiodaz, 05/29/2010
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Wanted one when I was discharged from the USAF in 1970, was planning on college and the owner encouraged me to wait until after college. I did, met a gal, got married, built our home, started a family, muscle car really didn't seems to fit nor could I really justify the cost of one. The itch never did go away and after my kids were grown and on their own, I revisited the dealer and drove home an orange hemi Dodge RT, didn't make me feel 22, but it did feel good. I believe Chrysler got this retro right, If I close my eyes I almost feel like I'm in the dealer showroom back in 1970.

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