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2007 Chrysler Town and Country

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Almost 300,000 and still strong.

vongoebel, 11/21/2014
LX 4dr Ext Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 4A)
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We bought our vehicle new. My van has on it today 198,046 miles and it still runs strong. Now while 80% is highway miles, the fact that this vehicle is still running good and strong means I have a well engineered vehicle. If anything gives me any cause for concern, I deal with it asap. I think the brakes are the parts I have replaced the most often and the front 3x more than the back. But, that's part of maintenance. Overall, I'm very satisfied. 12/302019 UPDATE: One of the kids ran the engine while low on water and it over heated. I have replaced both heads and radiator. That was 5 months ago. Aside from that I have just gone routine maintenance. The transmission is still good. Let's see if I can get another 100,000 out of it.

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Good Value and Dependability

jeniphish, 12/08/2014
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My husband and I bought this car used in March of 2011 with about 60,000 miles. In the 3+ years since then it has been driven all over the US and parts of Canada and it has about 159,000 miles. All we've had to do is change the oil, get a tune up, and replace the spark plugs and brake pads (oh, and new tires, of course!). The interior is good, spacious enough for a couple of long family trips with our four teenage boys (3 of whom are 6'4" or taller). The middle seat cup holders broke almost immediately, but that is just a minor inconvenience. The rest of the interior has held up very well! Overall, it's been reliable and comfortable.

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Moderate Van

sos, 11/25/2006
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At first we were very impressive about its smooth drive but later on we found that it becomes bumpy. It could be we get used to it and don't feel the smoothness anymore. Overall it is a good van with the price but we would consider Honda or Toyota for the next purchase.

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Goodbye toyota

Beth Roscoe, 11/20/2006
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I simply love my new Town & Country. It has all of the features that I wanted. I had a 2004 Toyota Sienna that i wanted to shoot a gun at. After 11,000 miles the Toyota was rattling like it was going to fall apart. The engine sounded like it had marbles in it. The doors never closed right from the beginning. I went looking for a new van, and after driving the Toyota and Honda, the Chrysler won hands down. I want to trade my Accord for a new Sebring, too. No more boring Japanese for me.

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denise2565, 01/17/2013
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I bought this 2007 town and country touring with all the perks, and the perks have turned out to be the worst headaches. Catalytic converter replaced in 2011, O2 sensor in 2012,doors repaired, multiple electrical system failures( take it in and chrysler says they can't reproduce the issue). Brakes constantly have to be replaced. Didn't pass emissions in 2011, 2012 without the major repairs (catalytic and O2 sensor), just today didn't pass emissions again. More big repairs to come I'm sure, but I've learned my lesson.Chrysler, never again. When I've checked on recalls, haven't found any. I know I can't be alone. If I'm constantly having problems, many others must be.

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