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Perfect carr for both Electric and Hybrid driving...

itsjoeybear, 04/29/2014
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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I absolutely love my Volt…I was looking for a car that could get me to work and back on all electric power, but still have the ability to do road trips without relying on the battery. The Volt is perfect for my daily 40 mile round trip commute to work. I charge the car at home and have plenty of power to drive to work and back. The Volt is fun to drive and has plenty of power to maneuver the LA freeways. In full Hybrid mode, I'm averaging about 38 to 40 actual miles per gallon, which is good for a lead foot like me. I rarely use gas though, but if I do it's on the weekend or trips out of town. The car keeps track of your gas and EV mileage separate, so it's easy to calculate.

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Highest Owner Satisfaction Two Years In.A Row

davidsvolt, 12/30/2013
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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My current overall milage is 69.8 mpg and climbing. I expect my overall milage will be over 100 mpg after a few more months of driving. With my current commute of 56 miles daily I typically drive 42 miles on a charge, then it switches to gas, seamlessly, for the remaking 14 miles. It's range is well over 300 miles per tank. It currently takes 10 hours to charge the car using the charger that comes with the car. It plugs in to any standard wall outlet. It cost about $1.50 to charge completely. You can buy a 220 volt charger that cuts charging time down to less than 4 hours. I paid $31,900 -$7,500 Fed tax rebate - $1,500 Ca rebate = $22,900 + tax/ license. That is a total steal.

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Go test drive one!

paodeoro, 10/06/2013
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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So is it a good value? Yes! It feels solid as a Mercedes and almost as luxurious (no electric seats). It’s fun to drive like a Mazda 3. It costs like a Corolla, after factoring in tax incentives and fuel savings (10 years ownership). The Volt has a unique character and more than skin deep beauty that makes owners proud and car enthusiasts rethink what’s possible.

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New Volt Owner

dodman1, 10/14/2014
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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My son recently bought a new Tesla which prompted me to consider an EV. The Tesla is fantastic, but it's out of my price range and I don't really need the 270 miles of range offered by the Tesla. I researched the current crop of EV's quite extensively and decided the Volt made the most sense for me. I am retired and generally drive less than 30 miles a day. I ended buying a 2014 equipped with just the heated seat option. I didn't want NAV, Camera's, and other high tech options. Been driving for 50 plus years and have gotten really good at using my rear and side mirrors! The Federal Tax Credit, State rebate, and liberal Dealer discount was too good to pass up.

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It pays for itself - $5500 so far

johndhenry, 05/08/2014
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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I just crossed the 40,000 odometer reading on my Volt. With my average mpg being 84, I've saved approximately $5500 in gas over my previous 24 mpg SC430 Lexus . Said differently, at this rate, the Volt's gas savings alone will have paid for the car in 5 years. Add this to the HOV Lane sticker and great reliability, and I have to say this is the best car I've owned (and its the first American car I've had).

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