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2013 Volt

11buster, 11/06/2012
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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Traded in a C5 Vette for a 2013 red metallic Volt. Have driven about 400 miles in 10 days. Love the car - used 0.7 gal. Gas. Chevy had a $2,000 rebate, coupled with a $7,500 Fed tax rebate and a $2,000 state tax rebate, takes the cost down to $30,000. Factor in about $2,000 fuel savings per year, and the car makes economic sense. Build quality is excellent, as is integration of car operation, electronics and screen displays. Also right thing to do for the environment to cut emissions. With our local electric rates, cost per gas gal equivalent is about $0.70. Car is smooth and provides a pleasant driving experience, plus you are driving the future, not the past.

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2013 Volt - Nice Small Csr

mcrat1, 12/12/2013
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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I like big cars, fast stuff, and trucks. So I'm jaded. First off, all the reviews that say the Volt is ugly are lame. It has yet to make any small children cry or make the cow's milk sour. It looks good. The interior is nice, and well appointed. Navigation is in the speedo area where it belongs. Rear seating is for kids. A 6 foot man will hit his head and knees, but will fit. Handling is tight. Feels nice. I have a Vette and a CTS-V, and race alot. Car feels lighter than it is. Acceleration is OK. I'm used to big power, but it is as quick from a light as a Crown Vic. Not bad. Braking is excellent considering the tire size and weight. Use L in city driving.

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2013 Volt is a Geek Dream

geekdream, 11/23/2013
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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This car is a great car to drive. I have owned the car for 12 months and have used about 12 gallons of gas! I am currently getting about 550MPG. If you dive less than 35 miles per day on average then you can get significantly higher gas mileage than what is published. The car normally runs on electricity until the batteries run low and then automatically switches to a gas powered generator to power the electric motor. The battery will typically give you between 30-40 miles per charge depending on driving habits and outdoor temperature. My average commute per day is about 27 miles. My car is running on battery 95% of the time and uses gas 5% of the time. My favorite car that I have owned.

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Way to Go GM!!

allchargedup, 09/07/2013
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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As a volt owner coming off many years of high quality Infiniti vehicles I had a lot of doubt about quality. But after a year of ownership I could not be happier. Nothing gone wrong, nothing with this car. Ride is great, been to a gas station 3 times in a year. 91% of my driving is electric. Charging at night and at work, I am saving a TON of money, driving green, and sending a high finger to OPEC. I'm hoping others realize that still today, ONLY the Volt gives you the unlimited range in a basically electric vehicle. Most people still dont know how it works and think the range is limited. I tell them I can drive across the U.S. and still get 40 mpg! I'm buying american and proud!

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6 months in with the Volt

chris_v, 08/08/2013
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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6000 miles and I love the car. Have driven it from February and temps under 20 degrees F to August and temps over 100 degrees F. Full charge shows 44-45 miles available on electric, but I rarely go over 30 miles. Hold mode is great for 2013, as it adds the ability to drive to the highway on electric, then switch to hold mode to maintain the charge and get upwards of 50+ mpg with the gas generator running, then switch back to electric when you get off the highway. Sport mode is fun, and I leave it in L all the time, even on the highway, to take advantage of the aggressive regen to gain back range. So far I haven't put gas in it in almost 5 months of daily driving.

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