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Great truck great price

Dougdu, 11/14/2010
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I bought this truck new and have 150,000 on it. I have not put anything into it except the ABS brakes had a problem and I put new rotors and sensors on. That is it besides tires and oil changes and I did change the serpentine belt because it was nine years old not because it was shot. For the average Joe to haul things around and get from point a to b this truck is great. I get 27 MPG with gasoline and 21 with E 85. I will sell this truck but I will be sad to see it go.

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The Little Truck Keeps Working!

ZooGuy, 02/05/2018
2dr Regular Cab 2WD SB (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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The Chevy S10 is an amazing truck! I can always count on it to do its job every day with no complaints! Here in Miami the city is tough on vehicles and I use my Chevy S10 to make it through the city. It handles potholes and bumps very well. No matter what task I throw at it, it seems to handle it well! This is a very durable truck! Maintenance is low cost repairs are easy parts are readily available and there are many customization options including stereos, push bars, campers you name it it's available! Gas mileage is very nice with the 4 cylinder stick. As a 6 foot tall guy I find it comfortable even after 500 miles of driving. I expect my 2002 to last many more years with basic maintenance.

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Chevy S-10 2.2 liter

gjc866, 03/25/2002
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Truck still running great - Getting better fuel economy and more power as the truck gets more miles on it. Still, an increase in HP would be nice but if you're not planning to race anyone or abuse the vehicle, it's great for light duty and gets good gas mileage.

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okay car

americanrevolution, 07/10/2009
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The build quality isn't something stellar. The interior plastic is like the type used for trashcans, and there's gaps between the seems, and does not line up. If you bend down and look under where the pedals are, the wires are all sticking out and such. Not having the recirculation option is truly a smack in the buyer's face. Don't get me started how awful it was driving in traffic during our fire season at California. The parking brake is also shoddy, doesn't work unless you forcefully push it all the way down. Heavy doors with weak door springs, not nice, almost had my hand cut off once b/c of it. Fuel pump went out at 36k, leaky suspension, what happened Chevy? You have lost me as a buyer

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Typical GM

tahenline, 02/04/2004
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Gutless no-tech motor. 17mpg @ 70mph. Overly restrictive air intake. PLASTIC intake manifold. PLASTIC clutch master-cylinder. PLASTIC power-steering fluid reservoir. PLASTIC radiator end-tanks. PLASTIC headlight covers. PLASTIC front grill with water soluble coloring. PLASTIC EVERYTHING in passenger compartment. Windows that refuse to seat properly in the fully-raised position. One broken window regulator (so far). All 4 shocks leaking. Torn rubber exhaust system hangers. Throttle jams in wide-open position. Corrosive DEXKOOL "coolant". ABS system must be disabled to get any kind of reliable braking. Hyper-sensitive seatbelt retractors.

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Nice Truck

Eg, 04/17/2002
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I purchased my S-10 in 2000 and have had no problems to date with it. Regular oil and maintence changes are all that has been required. Fuel economy is excellent. The interior could use some upgrading, but if you use your truck alot in dirty conditions its easy to clean.

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Happy with Truck

RFBookman, 08/27/2008
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I bought mine used in 2004. It has been fairly problem free. I did recently have to have the air conditioner fixed (the compressor went out, cost me $900). Other than that mostly just regular maintenance costs. It is fun to drive but does not have a lot of power with just the 2.2L 4 cylinder engine. I checked my gas mileage just last week and it was 27 MPG. I travel about 25 miles one way to work with most of that being on the interstate. Overall, pleased with lack of mechanical problems, good gas mileage, and fun to drive. However, I will probably opt for something with a little more power for my next pickup.

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My S-10

Rangerdog1, 04/21/2009
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Picked this little truck at a huge Auto Sale the local dealers in our area do every year. The put all of their vehicles, new and used, up for discounted sales. I've done this twice and have very good luck with the auto's I've purchased. This truck was one of three that caught my eye. It's a very durable truck and it's been my go to work every day vehicle. I've averaged about 21 mpg with every fill up some times more sometimes less, depending on what I'm doing with it. I also had a spray on bedliner done right after I bought. I've hauled dirt, wood, trash, recycle stuff, and furniture. I keep up the maintenance on it and it still looks like show room quality.

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Sor Far SO GOOD!!

gr8wit, 07/23/2002
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I've only had this truck for a month but so far I am very happy, Build quality is very good and it rides better than the Ranger I had. Also the interior is roomy for a regular cab and I get some lookers. It is a black stepside. Nice to have full gauges, leather steering wheel, alloy wheels, AC, a CD and more goodies for a GREAT PRICE! I really bought this cause I wanted it, not needed it and even wife wife likes it.(and she drives a BMW). It does have it's short commings. Next time I will get the 6, the 4 just doesn't cut it, and the darn arm rest/storage box doesn't lock. When you put it up all the stuff falls out! But not bad for the price.

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im surprised

elijah, 12/09/2002
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currently have 16000 miles and am still happy

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