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Bought it with 1Mile on it back in 2003

indiabradster, 08/12/2013
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I take care of my cars. I can say this one has taken care of me. Comfy ride, in the 10 years that I've owned it, minus the normal wear and tear items I've replaced the fuel injection spider ($1000 repair). I needed to replace all the ball joints for inspection, which I did myself this weekend. Add up all the repairs at normal garage costs, $3000 in 10 years. That's great.

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Very Satisfied

Very Satisfied, 09/16/2008
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We bought this SUV used in 2005 for hauling building materials. It was the only SUV with a rear gate that folded down to extend the bed for loading lumber. We love the rear gate & having 4 doors. It is so convenient! We get at least 20 mpg & the only problem was a wiper that came loose & needed to be tightened. We change the oil every 3000 mi and the vehicle has given us no problems. I had to write after reading other unfavorable comments. The vehicle has been so good that I wanted readers to have a balanced view.

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One Of The Best SUV's Ever Made.

K to the L, 12/30/2005
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This is the first Blazer I ever owned, however I've been around numerous Blazers throughout my life, and they really are good solid SUV's. I do agree that ever since the Trailblazer came along the Blazer is not respected the way it was back in the day, and it still should be. The engine and drivetrain are tough and were tuned for truck work. If you are looking for a reliable, dependable, solid, smooth running vehicle that has 4-wheel drive with a low price, the Blazer deserves a test drive. I probably would have purchased the Trailblazer since it is a bigger vehicle, however I don't care for the Vortec 4200 aluminum inline-6 as I feel that it will not hold up as good over time as the 4.3 does

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Love my ZR2!

dufmoney, 10/26/2011
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I have put over 100,000 KMs on my 2003 Blazer ZR2 (current odometer reads 206,000 KMs) and the only thing other than maintenance I have ever had to do was the head gasket. This is is a fault on a lot of Chevy/GM vehicles from these years. She is so reliable though! Other than the tailgate squeak, which I am in the process of fixing, I have no complaints with this fast accelerating, smooth off-road driving, snow loving vehicle! If you want fuel economy, buy a Prius (lame). If you want a vehicle that is extremely reliable and comfortable, than buy a Blazer.

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I love my 2003 blazer

mountainchick, 08/21/2009
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Wow I was really shocked at some of the comments I've seen on here. First off I really believe that the way a truck works depends on how you drive it and maintain it! I am not saying that the people aren't taking care of it but the owners beforehand didn't. As for the worst gas milage I did agree untill I changed my fuel pump omg It saved me a lot of money and I didn't even change it because it was broke! If you drive like an idiot and go 55mph from stop sign to stop sign you will waste so much gas in anything. I go out the mountain every weekend and I have and always will buy Chevy's! The one and only thing I hate is changing the spark plugs because it is soooo tight in there!

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