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Edmunds Hands Out Its 2024 Awards for the Best EVs and Gas-Powered Vehicles on Sale Today

The 5th Annual Edmunds Top Rated Awards determines the best 6 vehicles through its rigorous independent testing.

Edmunds Top Rated Best of the Best

Every year Edmunds drives, tests and evaluates more than 100 cars. Editors rack up tens of thousands of miles on racetracks, mountain roads and highways alike, all in the quest to help you find that perfect ride. Some are great; some are disappointing, but only a few rise to the standard that earns them Edmunds’ highest honor: The Edmunds Top Rated Award. Our winners for 2024 are here, and each has risen to the top through a mix of quality, functionality, livability and value.

Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV & Best of the Best 2024: Kia EV9

This three-row electric SUV is a game changer, which is why it not only is the Edmunds Top Rated EV but takes the top prize of Edmunds Top Rated Best of the Best for 2024. Few vehicles have ever impressed Edmunds' team more than the Kia EV9. This three-row SUV boasts plenty of room, a suitable amount of range, and lots of standard features.

Offering exceptional utility, an awesome interior and plenty of power at an approachable price, the Kia EV9 handily beat out the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia Niro EV with the latest and greatest technology features and family-friendly interior.  

The EV9's range also is admirable for its size, too; Edmunds saw 306 miles in the Edmunds EV Range Test of a fully loaded GT-Line model, which the EPA only estimates will go 270 miles. 

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Edmunds Top Rated SUV 2024: Kia Sportage Hybrid 

The Kia Sportage Hybrid tops the Edmunds Top Rated list for a second year in a row thanks to its stellar blend of utility, efficiency and comfort, which is a leap ahead of its gas counterpart and the rest of the competitive SUV field. 

The Sportage rose above finalists Kia Telluride and Mercedes-Benz GLS because it makes the most of hybrid technology to combine strong acceleration with impressive fuel economy, while the abundance of tech contributes to the premium vibe. It remains an excellent choice for families at an affordable price.

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Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car 2024: BMW i5

The BMW i5 wins without doing anything dramatically different. This electric luxury sedan gives you all the benefits of the standard 5 Series; a spacious back seat and a sharply designed interior that doesn't go overboard on tech; plus a quick and silent powertrain. It’s great to drive, exceptionally refined, and boasts a spacious, high-quality cabin. Plus, the i5 range is topped by the mighty 593-horsepower M60 and comfortably exceeded its EPA estimate on the Edmunds EV Range Test, traveling an impressive 321 miles on a single charge. And even better, you don't have to pay top dollar. 

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Edmunds Top Rated Car 2024: Toyota Prius

Toyota's hybrid hatchback has eye-catching style to back up its incredible efficiency, which made it soar past finalists Honda Civic Type R and the Corvette Z06. 

“Forget what you knew about the Prius,” says Senior Vehicle Test EditorKurt Niebuhr. “The latest version is sleekly styled and now has quick acceleration to go along with its high fuel efficiency.”

The new Prius delivers a huge jump in performance without giving up anything in the way of efficiency. To that, add easy-to-use infotainment tech, a wealth of driver assistance technology, and compelling on-road dynamics. This is the best Prius ever.

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Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck 2024: Ford F-150 Lightning 

For the second year in a row, the F-150 Lightning clinched the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck award because it's an honest, hardworking pickup — one that just happens to be electric.It's easy to drive and comfortable, and it can be had with some cool features that enhance the type of things you'll want to do with a truck. 

It combines extra versatility with effortless performance. And, it's just as large, tough and capable as the standard F-150 but comes with a few EV-specific benefits, including a front trunk for storage and an onboard generator that can literally power your house. And lest doubters question its pickup cred, the Lightning can tow a maximum of 10,000 pounds and haul up to 2,235 pounds of gear in the bed. Plus, it exceeded its EPA estimate in the Edmunds EV Range Test, with the bigger-battery version traveling an impressive 341 miles on a single charge. 

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Edmunds Top Rated Truck 2024: Chevrolet Colorado

Among midsize pickup trucks, the Chevrolet Colorado is the best tool for the job. The Colorado is one of the best pickup trucks currently on sale, and we aren't just talking about the midsize class. Compared to any new truck, the Colorado is competitive, and its recent clean-sheet redesign brings this pickup to the forefront of the truck segment. It’s easy to drive, has a robust suite of infotainment tech and advanced driving aids, and it offers a host of trim levels to suit a plethora of different needs. Beyond that, the Colorado's interior is comfortable and functional, with a smart mix of soft-touch and durable materials to help it pull double duty as a hard-working pickup and daily driver. 

Simply put, the new Colorado wins the Edmunds Top Rated Truck award for 2024 because it offers a truly complete package and raises the bar for midsize pickups.

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