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These Are the Best Cheap EVs on Sale Right Now

Go electric without breaking the bank

Cheapest Electric Cars
  • There are plenty of electric cars on sale, but some can get pretty expensive.
  • So we put together a list of the best cheap new ones on sale right now.
  • These are all new cars.

Every year there are more and more EVs to pick from, and that trend is more than likely to continue. But EVs are typically expensive, with the average transaction price of a new one reportedly hitting a whopping $50,683. But there are some cheap options out there, and we decided to compile the very best of a crop of cheap EVs that won't break the bank.

These might not all have the most impressive range figure or be the most efficient, but they all cost less than that high median transaction price. Think of them as the perfect way to dip your toes into electrification.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf gets a lot right. It's comfortable and quiet to drive, and a low price makes it attractive to EV shoppers on a tight budget. Just be aware of its drawbacks. A lack of range and mediocre storage are the two biggest.

Mini Cooper SE

The Mini Cooper maintains much of what made the original Mini so popular. It's fun to drive and has easy-to-reach limits, and its diminutive size makes it a great city car. But the drawbacks include a serious lack of storage, lackluster fuel economy, and a convoluted infotainment system. Unless practicality is a low priority for you, the Mini's faults may be too glaring to ignore.

Hyundai Kona EV

The Hyundai Kona EV is all-new for 2024. It's so new we haven't driven it yet. We have driven the gas-powered version, and aside from being a little slow, it's a major improvement on its predecessor. A nicer interior and bigger proportions make it more usable than ever, and the EV part of the equation might make it quick enough to solve the gas-powered version's powertrain woes.

Chevy Equinox

Here's another one we haven't driven yet. The Equinox EV is Chevy's bite of the compact EV market. Now that the Bolt's gone (until next year, at least), the Equinox will be GM's smallest and cheapest EV. While we don't know how it drives just yet, we do like the way it looks and a poke around the interior revealed oodles of space and a nice, tech-forward cabin.

Volvo EX30

The 2025 EX30 is a diminutive new electric SUV from Volvo. Its modus operandi is to be small but clever and an excellent value. Priced from around $36,000 including destination, it's cheaper than a Tesla Model 3, but has an estimated range of up to 275 miles and strong performance. When it arrives in early 2024, it will lack any obvious rivals and seek to seduce a new generation of Volvo customers.

Tesla Model 3

Sometimes referred to as "Project Highland," which is apparently Tesla's internal name for the car, this updated 3 has sleeker front-end styling and a new taillight design. Inside, there's a new wrap-around dashboard design with integrated ambient cabin lighting. The main 15.4-inch touchscreen is largely the same, but in back is a new 8-inch screen that rear passengers can use for climate controls and infotainment. You also now get ventilated front seats and ambient lighting as standard.

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Hopefully, this list only gets longer as time goes on.