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Unexpectedly Wonderful Car

Suzath, 11/11/2006
4dr Sedan
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I bought this Park Avenue from a family friend with low miles after my Honda CRV was totalled in a head on collison. It would not have been my first choice having sworn myself to Honda and Toyota. I've reconsidered after owning this Buick with good gas mileage (20-22 city/ 30+ hwy) and a luxury interior (leather power interior) looking a bit like a luxury car compared to what I've driven in past. Few repairs given the age of the vehicle. I performed regular maintenance. One comment on exterior design, when you open the windows first thing in the mornings the water will pour off into the car onto the power controls. For this reason buy vent visors or keep towels handy in the morning.

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Not good looking but it's what is inside

bigticket42, 01/22/2006
4dr Sedan
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Bought this car for my wife. The car is not a great looking car but it has every feature you could want and more. This is one of the best used cars you can buy. First of all the styling only appeals to older people so you know the previous owner did not hotrod it Second of all the drive train in these cars is second to none. The gas mileage for a car this size on the highway is extraordinary. Between 25-30 mpg at speeds of 77-80 MPH. The car has room for 4 adults very comfortably. The trunk is huge. The ride is very comfortable in every way. I have taken this car on all kinds of long trips with the family and it cannot be beat by any other car even from 2006.

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This car was a godsend

Justin, 03/30/2016
4dr Sedan
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I needed a decent car as my daily driver was my 2001 Dodge Ram pickup with a lift getting about 12 mpg. An acquaintance bought this car for his son and he drove it hard for 2 years. Radiator blew and replaced with a new one, only maintenance issue he had. His son told him he needed to buy him a newer cooler car. Bad mistake as he had just turned 18. My acquaintance said first person to give him $500 got the car and his son could go buy his own cool car. Best investment I have ever made. Had to replace the fuel pump and rear struts at 220k miles. I use this car for EVERYTHING. I run a small moving company and constantly use it to haul a car load of big dudes for long stretches. Equipment, pads etc on highway mpg it's never been worse than 31 mpg. I also use it every month to visit my son who lives 1300 miles away. By myself with luggage, presents etc it gets 34mpg. 34 mpg for that size, power and comfort. Don't worry I wouldn't believe me either. I'm not sure why it gets slightly better mpg than what other people are posting. I know how to properly calculate and I swear highway is 31-34. City is 26-28. When gas was cheap I drove across the entire USA for $80. The car is 20 years old and I get a lot of crap from my guys for it being a "grandma" car but really they love it It rides so smooth, like a big old boat which makes the mpg even more outstanding. Ahead of it's time features like extra extra visors to keep the Sun out at all angles and passenger climate control. The buttons look clunky but it works. Also the trunk is huge. I can load 2 professional hand trucks, dozens of furniture pads, tools, equipment, suitcases, personal items etc. The perfect combination of power, mpg and comfort was achieved 20 years ago with the 1996 Buick park Avenue. Bullet proof 380 engine still going strong at 230k miles. For $500 it's one of the best investments I've ever made. I love this car!

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What a car!!!

dale thiel, 05/28/2002
4dr Sedan
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Here it is, a car with 90,000 miles that runs and rides like a new one. Great get up and go with a motor that raps a measley 1600 rpm at 70 miles an hour. Marvel Mystery oil added to the gas improves the already fine milage. I hope to never buy or own any other car than a Park Avenue. This is my fifth.

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Lukas, 08/24/2005
4dr Sedan
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I bought this car in 2004 after my Civic was crushed by a semi. I did not want to buy Park Ave yet at that time I did not have much choice. I got it with 160k doubting its ability to perform. How wrong was! This car has been the most reliable piece of machinery I have ever seen. Yes - it looks ugly, yes - it doesn't fit my profile, but this car brought me back to domestic vehicles. What an exceptional car! I put additional 40k in a year and I opened the hood only to change oil. Maintenance free! I definitely recommend Park Ave. If we produce more cars like this one, foreign cars wouldn't stand a chance here.

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