Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg Agera R

2011 Geneva Auto Show

2011 Geneva Auto Show

Just the Facts:
  • The latest iteration of the Swedish "hypercar" develops up to 1,115 horsepower, with a "theoretical top speed" of around 273 mph.
  • The debut of the Agera R follows last year's unveiling of the Agera.
  • Koenigsegg also is offering option packages, including a winter package that comes with a pair of custom-fitted skis.

GENEVA — Koenigsegg, the Swedish "hypercar" manufacturer, is muscling its way toward Bugatti Veyron territory with its new Agera R, an even more potent version of the pre-production Agera prototype that it displayed at last year's 2010 Geneva Auto Show.

The Agera R features a larger 5.0-liter version of Koenigsegg's twin-turbocharged V8, rated at up to 1,115 horsepower when running on E85 ethanol and 885 pound-feet of torque. The Agera shown last year borrowed its 4.7-liter V8 biturbo engine from the earlier Koenigsegg CCX. That engine was rated at 897 hp and 811 lb-ft.

Koenigsegg says the Agera R has a "theoretical top speed" of around 273 mph, although it is electronically limited to 233 mph. The company adds that the speed governor "can be unlocked for shorter periods of time, if all necessary conditions are met, such as road condition, tire wear, service level of car" and so on.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a new seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual gearbox, jointly developed with Cima, and an electronic differential. The Agera R rides on specially developed Michelin Super Sport tires, rated at speeds up to 260 mph.

Among the Agera R's exterior features is a massive "dynamic" rear wing that automatically changes its angle of attack based on vehicle speed and wind resistance. The car's roof panel is also detachable and can be stowed in the front compartment.

Koenigsegg has fitted the 2011 Geneva Auto Show car with its new winter package, which is built around a newly developed Thule Lightning Roof Box that replaces the standard roof panel.

The package also bundles Michelin snow tires on Koenigsegg forged-alloy wheels, plus a ski trip to Sweden's Copperhill Mountain Lodge that includes a pair of custom-design and -built skis from Extrem, the Swedish ski maker.

The Agera R will be priced from around $1.6 million.

Edmunds.com says: No word on how much the winter package will add to the window sticker. — Paul Lienert, Correspondent

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