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The best car for a smart man

Jim, 03/20/2010
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I've owned my S4 for over 30k miles now, so I think I can properly review it as a used car. It's a blast to drive if you drive it like it wants to be driven. You honestly have to take care to drive it slowly. I commute 3 hours round trip to DC everyday and while I hate my commute, if I just stomp on the gas in 3rd gear at 3k revs, it makes you smile like a teenager watching American Pie during a certain scene. Gun it in first and you almost feel uncomfortable. It throws you back and takes some getting used to. I typically drive conservatively, but if you downshift in this car and hear the growl, it just makes you smile. I give my car to my wife when I'm out of town, and it scares her.

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The Ultimate Compromise

DJD, 08/29/2010
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I drove both new and used BMW's and Mercedes before I picked my 5-year-old S4 Cabrio. Haven't regretted my choice for a second. I think of this car as the "ultimate compromise." You can speed top-down through the sweepers of Big Sur in Summer or tackle the hills at Tahoe in the winter. You can hoon it like a teenager, or ferry the kids to grandma's in safety and comfort. And oh, the engine! It's the finest engine I've ever owned - power and torque and an understated rumble. It's hard to say how this car could be improved. A hint: the 2005 tends to be ~$10k cheaper than face-lifted 06-09 models, even though it's almost exactly identical under the skin.

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Is there a perfect car?This is may be it

Biagio, 01/29/2009
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Thanks to most of the reviewers here, I made the decision to purchase a used S4 (along with Audi's pure protection additional warranty). I have to say it is the most amazing car I've ever owned--even over my 67 Mustang fastback. As another reviewer said "it does everything right". A pleasure to drive, doesn't look fast but runs like a refined rocket, handles like a track car and is great in snowy terrain of the north west. Highway MPG is doable, and for those that lament about city MPG, realize it's 340HP w/over 300lb ft the same engine compartment as the A4 (which I've owned 1.8t) and also liked. This is like a supermodel love affair in comparison. Gracious, powerful, refined

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If I could marry this car, I would!

SSG_Wells, 10/06/2009
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I bought this car when I was home on R&R leave from Afghanistan back in February. I had been researching the A4 for about 7 months and had every intention of buying that once I got to the dealership. As the Carmax dealer was walking me to the A4's I saw my knight in shining armor out of the corner of my eye. The girl opened the driver's side door and I was sold. I didn't even test drive the thing, and it was a manual so I had to teach myself, but trust me it was WELL worth it. I took a look at the A4's once I was done drooling over my soon-to-be new car and there was absolutely no comparison; the A4 looked like a grandma car compared to what I was about to roll home in!

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Updated review of my 2005 S4

jnicho1, 03/29/2014
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I previously wrote a review on my car at about 70k miles and she was still an awesome car (I bought her used in 2007 with 28k miles). I say still because at about 84k miles my timing tensioners started to fail and my timing chain had the infamous rattle at start up. At first, not a big deal, but the check engine light came on and the rattle became worse and worse. I knew the repairs would cost thousands, so I had to get rid of her. It was bitter sweet because I got a new S4, but I miss the V8. The suspension isn't meant for bad roads, so beware of suspension work if you live in a city of anywhere the roads aren't great. That was several thousand $$$ too.

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