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Unbelievveable package

RS4-Bro, 04/29/2010
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The ride, look, performance, it is all there! Audi hit a very HIGH point with this car and subsequent automobiles will be hard to out perform. The RS 4 has 2 weak point that I will mention later but overall the car is REALLY sweet. I used to own a M3 and this car (as a total package) outshines it in handling, daily driving and ICE (In-Car Entertainment). Notables: Brakes, V8 engine and exhaust note, crisp handling as well as balanced ride, short throw shifter and Quattro! If you add an aftermarket exhaust (like my car has) it will make it sound like angry RS 4 (which is maybe the way it could have come from the factory).

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Andrew P, 10/30/2007
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It is difficult to find any fault with this extremely well engineered car. Its DRC offers a very compliant ride when desired, but stiffens in the corners for confident handling in aggressive mode. The engine is superb and an aftermarket exhaust system (several are available) actually makes meaningfully more power. Its redline is 8250 rpm and it is a joy to drive with smoothly delivered power across the rpm range. Winter handling with winter tires is exceptional and the car is on rails in hard packed snow. The design is distinctive even compared to current model A4s. Perhaps the only thing that I would change is the seat height, which does not lower sufficiently for me (I am 6').

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Best of All Worlds

JT, 07/25/2006
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Yes, it is worth the money. Let's get that out of the way first. The RS4 does everything my STi did, and more. Considering it costs twice as much as a STi/Evo, it had better do more, and it does. Much more comfortable and refined for daily commuting but when you get into the higher revs, it's a beast. The exhaust note is amazing and there is so much torque at all rpms. Well balanced handling and it's so much easier to drive quickly thru the hills. I'm even getting the same fuel economy as I was in the STi at 18mpg - 4 more cylinders, 120 more horsepower, just as fast and no increase in fuel consumption! Brilliant!

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Total Package

gman, 05/24/2008
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Great car. It really is a great package, sports car performance with room for 5. Though the rear seats are tight, there fine for my 3 younger children. Great performace, engine, brakes, handling, does all very well. I like the 08 M3 coupe, but it only seats 4, and the 08 M3 sedan looks too much like a plain 3 series. Audi hit a bulls eye with styling for a 4 door car. Bulging wheel flares remind me of a mid 1980's 911 Turbo. Audi builds a great car, and the RS4 is a total package of performance, quality, and style.

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Cyberyutz, 12/17/2006
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I came out of an S4, and bought the RS4 after an ample test drive. The driving dynamics and engine feel remind me of me 1997 M3 (first of three I owned), which I felt handled better than the 2001 and 2004 models I had. It's still a little nose heavy, but compared to the S4, it's really hardly noticeable, and the braking, engine and lateral stability are outstanding. Its really a wonderful machine, and the all wheel drive in the midwest makes it a near must. If you are an M3 fan, you should really try this car before the next M3, especially if you are in the midwest or northeast. Personally, even though its heavier, I couldn't bring myself to give up the all wheel drive. Try it and see.

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An Amazing Car

UKRS, 07/31/2007
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I would have to say that this car is the most practical performance saloon on the market today. The amount of power you get from that 4.2litre V8 is astonishing. The handling far surpasses anything else in this range. Audis of old used to be really nose heavy and the understeer alot, but with this one you really have the confidence to shove it into the bends. I think this car is better than an M3.

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Worth all the hype

RS4 man, 08/17/2006
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I bought my car about 2 months ago. its been a pleasure to drive it everytime I get a chance. Its fast!, in control! a focal point on the road. You have all kinds of people waving you down begging you to hammer down on it so they can see it (for a few seconds at least) and get to hear it take off. I dont have the shaking of the steering wheel problem but my car has been consuming a lot of oil. Other than that the car is a lot of fun, and for what I get back, it's worth way more than what I paid.The more you push on the gas, the more the engine calls for more. The "S" button is off the hook, it sounds great.

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Well-dressed Beast

JJimbo, 10/09/2006
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Undoubtedly the best sedan available. The power and handling are awesome. The gas mileage is better than an Audi S4. The silver interior is breathtaking. The voice control, navigation, and MMI are all very much intuitive (have yet to open the manuals with questions on any). Everything is executed with class. It's not an inexpensive car, but it's worth it.

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Michael, 10/29/2006
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Don't judge a book by its cover. This is all race and high performance from the word go. A small innocent looking button on the center console is marked with a green S ... it should come with a warning - "no amateur drivers, professionals only!" This car is for the owner that appreciates and understands performance.

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Perfect Car

racingdad, 02/20/2007
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I have 6000 miles on my RS4 with no vibrations, no oil consumption, and no questions of build quality. The car is just wonderful. Power is smooth and a lot of it there. I am averaging up to 25 MPG hwy @ avg speed of 79 MPH. I want my gas guzzler tax back! The car handles very well for a 4000 lb vehicle. The 60/40 front/rear Quattro bias is great. I have yet to feel front torque steer which I found quite often on my B6 S4. On the street/highway the car is perfect. On the track the DRC with the 400 lb spring rates is inadequate (Esses @ Infineon). The brakes are not meant for track use and the pad wear will be a problem. Replacement pads and rotors are not cheap.

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