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The Perfect Sleeper

svxit, 08/12/2004
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This car is fast, comfortable, low-key and generally a joy to drive. For a car with a 300 hp v-8 and all-wheel drive, it has an unbelievable range on the highway. And because of the car's rarity, it's not nearly as likely to "walk off" (get stolen) as a Camry or Accord. Also, because these cars depreciated so heavily, they are a fantastic buy.

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A8 for life

Steve, 12/22/2006
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Yes I did buy a used A8 with 85k miles and started with tires, checkup, belts- waterpump-timing chains with my Audi machanic of 15 years. I started to drive 100+ miles daily and never stopped. This car needs to drive to stay fit and clean. If you do a lot of short trips and cannot open this beauty up on the highway then this is not the car for you. I now have 122k on my second year and other than a few pesky oil or water drips from the water pump side of the engine, the car is a 10. I drive fast (80-90+) when on the highway but city driving is also just fine. Good mileage in the 20-23 mpg depending on speed but the all around average is 21.

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Poor visability and Arrogant Audi

norwind, 08/22/2004
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Safety issues are my main complaints. An accident when I was run off the road into a 4'deep drainage ditch. $30,000s worth of damage and the passengers airbag fired with no passenger in the vehicle or anything on the passengers seat. Audi claims this is "normal" I do not think so a smart interlocked air bag is not a maybe situation. The external vision has far too many blind spots from tiny mirrors, large A and C pillers. In addition the rear seat head bolsters occupy about 30% of the usable visability when looking to the rear while backing up. The most important part of the rear window is the mid point down.

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Love my quattro A8

gail, 05/26/2009
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Love my A8. It now has 180,000 miles and going strong, great on highway. Have kept up with maintenance schedule and it still runs and looks like new but my kids said to sell it for a new one as I have had the same car for 10 yrs. I will be buying another Audi.

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Audi Won My Heart with My 1st A6

Ric D, 03/06/2004
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If you like nice, you'll love your Audi, whether you purchase the A4, A6 or A8. I have moved up the chain as my family and resources have grown. The Aluminum frame is what sold me. Only three other cars have done this.Ferrari, Lambroghini and The Acura NSX. The appointments leave nothing to be desired. If I had anything to say, the first would be the exterior design. I feel that have not made enough updates o change the lines with the times, but many people feel it is classic.

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