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Acura TL vs. Infiniti G37

carreview123, 07/12/2012
4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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I drove both the Acura TL and the Infiniti G37x. Infiniti: extremely fast (almost too fast) with solid handling. Interior is nice, but seemed a little on the cheap side. Leather was nice, but I heard a few squeaks during my overnight test drive. I am 6'1" and 250lbs (wide shoulders). I was somewhat comfortable in the G37 but had the driver seat all of the way back and don't know how comfortable I would be after a 2 hour drive. Backseat was tight. Acura TL: Almost as fast as the G37 but not as fast (still PLENTY of power!) Interior was much more comfortable. Handling was just as solid as G37. Interior quality is nicer then Infiniti. Pricing = same exact monthly payment

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Clunking noise from Rear Suspension

lex612, 02/06/2013
Technology Package 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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Loud "CLUNKING NOISE" came from passenger side rear suspension. It got louder as the car getting more miles on it. Took it in four times at the local dealer: 1st Attempt: Local dealer changed the strut but noise still there, 2nd Attempt: acura agent came in to verify the problem and took the entire assembly rear suspension apart and found nothing wrong with it but the noise still present so they concluded that it is a normal noise on the TL (Which I don't agree because only one corner of the car is making the noise, left rear suspension is nice and quiet when ride over bump) 3rd attempt: Service manager refused service because he told me that Acura is will not fix the "clunking noise" because they think it is a normal sound. 4th attempt: I took the car to a small local shop which is not Acura and some mechanic friends to check out the noises that I am hear from the one corner of the car (passenger rear suspension). They all confirmed the noise is an irregularity of a suspension and suspected something is wrong with the strut and it assembly/bushing but inconclusive with the problem because it could be many things that can go wrong with it and recommended me to bring it back to Acura. Acura refused service again and said the same thing like the 3rd attempt. File a claim with BBB and the same Acura Claim representative that I dealt with earlier said the same thing again, that they will not fix anything regarding the clunking noise I hear because they think it is normal. My opinion: This is an Acura and it is over $40,000 dollars car so I expected a nice quiet and comfortable car but the "Clunking noise" really killed my excitement about owning this car. Just a headeache everytime I look or drive it. I am definately upset with Acura about how they handle this situation because they did not offer me any solution but they basically tell me live with the "clunking noise" from that one corner of the car. and if the noise was normal, Acura mechanic wouldn't have change the strut the 1st time I brought it in...Why is Acura doing this?? and How can I get them to fix the problem I am having now, can anyone help? my frustration with Acura is to the roof now and hope to get this handle the sooner the better.

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Sports car for the family man/woman

acuratloh, 12/27/2012
SH-AWD 4dr Sedan AWD (3.7L 6cyl 6A)
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Owned the car for a few months, so it's hard to rate the reliability. It's made by Honda, so it should be reliable. Once you drive the AWD version, you would have to be crazy to buy the front wheel drive version. I didn't get the tech version because I didn't want the navigation system. Built in ipod connection and usb port is nice. This car handles like it's on rails. I no longer have to worry about pulling out onto a busy road when the roads are wet, this car flies. I get 26mpg if I drive freeway only at 75mph. I drive 70% city and 30% highways and average around 21mpg. Test drove the infiniti g37x, which was nice, but much smaller interior.

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First time Acura buyer

kiloputty, 01/29/2012
Advance Package 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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Just got a TL Advance this week with 8 miles on it. Currenlty have 108 miles. I test drove the AWD and loved the way it handled, but decided on the FWD for the softer suspension. The AWD defies physics in a way that would tempt me too much. It begs you to take turns at high speeds. The FWD felt faster in a straight line. When I mentioned this to the sales guy, he said that the FWD was in fact faster in a straight line, but Acura marketing didn't want that advertised, no idea if there's any truth there. AWD comes with tighter side lumbar support and stiffer suspension. Suffice to say you owe it to yourself to test drive both to decide which is right for you.

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Excellent value

Cowboy911, 03/08/2016
SH-AWD 4dr Sedan AWD (3.7L 6cyl 6A)
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The Acura TL Sh-AWD rides like it on rails. Cornering at speed is an awe inspiring experience with the SH-AWD driving you through the corners, never experienced anything like it. The seats are excellent, steering a little heavy for me but centers great, brakes are large and bring the car to a stop with no drama. I have the 19" wheels, so the tires a low profile 45's, look great but the ride is very tight - like you would expect with high performance rubber. I personally love the ride and the suspension does a great job with such aggressive tires making the ride just soft enough. I bought the car used with 50k miles on it. Have driven it for 1 year and had the propeller shaft replaced under warranty. No hassles from the Acura dealership who said they have a maintenance bulletin on the issue. I've owned 5 Acuras in the past and can say w/o reservation they have always been great values. Great ergonomics and quality with a reasonable price, especially when compare to the competition. Interior is perfection. I've read complaints about the business of the dash, but once you live with the car for a week you appreciate the convenience of having dedicated buttons for all the key functions at your finger tips. No need to navigate through screens to change the heating/AC settings, fan speed, rear defrost, etc - its all right there. The seats are so nice that traffic jams no longer bother me, I just settle into the ridiculously comfortable seats and relax - its done wonders for my blood pressure. I drive mostly highway and have been getting 27 mpg, higher than their advertise highway mpg. The 6 speed transmission has been great, always seems to have the right gear selection, downshifting on que to maximize performance of the 3.7 engine. Shifts have been smooth with regular driving, but stomp the gas pedal and the sifts become more aggressive - LOVE IT! Of all my Acura, this has been the most enjoyable to drive, although the original Integra was a riot for their day.

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