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17 years after it rolled off the assembly line...

ecidloc, 04/30/2013
RS 2dr Hatchback
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I have never been much into cars. True, I owned an Acura before and I have heard of the name Integra, but it did not attach any meaning to me until recently when I bought a 17-yr old used one as a second car for the family. From styling, handling, dynamics, ride comfort and practicality, this car surprises me in every single way. It has simply and functional designs, it has a peppy and efficient engine, it has no fancy equipment, it has a styling that can stand in time, and it has 17 years on the road and still running in a typical Honda fashion. This is a car built for driving, and it was built to last. We need more cars like this in today's car industry.

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Love This Car!

naturegirl3, 04/20/2011
LS 2dr Hatchback
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I bought my '97 Acura Integra Hatchback (150k miles) used last year (2010) from a young woman who owned the car. Nothing was modified on the car.. it was just as it was from the factory. I've never owned an Acura before and I am VERY impressed with this car. I was very skeptical of buying a used car, especially one that was 13 years old. My previous car was a Grand Cherokee Jeep - pile of crap. At 150k miles, it was falling apart and needed major work and only got 15mpg on a good day. My Acura has been an adjustment due to how small it is, but for commuting back and forth to work and trips around town, I couldn't be happier with the gas mileage (30 city - and it's 13 years old!)

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1997 Integra GSR

gsr_pilot, 07/19/2013
GS-R 2dr Hatchback
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There are not many cars built even today that can match the driving fun / parts available for upgrade / utility / reliability that the GSR hatchback offers. Add good fuel economy even by 2013 standards for a sports car category. For 16 years its been a serious winner & I can see why thieves are the biggest detriment to owning one ! Shifter / clutch are light feeling even when traffic gets heavy this car does not let you feel like its a liability. The best places are roads with numerous curves to exploit the " handling on rails " feeling ! My tachometer redlines at 8000 rpm so I get the feeling of F1 performance from a car costing $20K when it was new. Basic interior.

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Great Car

dragontegz, 06/16/2005
GS 2dr Hatchback
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This is an awesome car. It does everything that it's supposed to do.

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Be Careful!

wmsptPA, 04/29/2010
LS 2dr Hatchback
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Beware of used Integras! These are popular cars to modify, and when people do this, they mess things up seriously! Due to the moron who owned the car before me, my integra is endlessly dying on me for one reason after another, as soon as I fix one problem, a new one comes up. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to keep this thing on the road (I can't afford another car), and as I write it is dead at my house, won't start due to an electrical malfunction of some kind, which will probably also cost a fortune. Integras are great cars as long as they have not been modified at all, be very cautious that the one you are considering buying has not been modified at all!

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