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1991 Toyota Camry

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Toyota Camry Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.0 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 115 hp @ 5200 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 23/31 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1991 Toyota Camry

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Customer Reviews

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"old" toyota quality

by on
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Camry Deluxe 4dr Sedan

We bought our 1991 Camry from my in- laws in 1999 with 83,000 miles. Now at 250,000 miles, I can see why Toyota was dominant in the durability department with these cars. Recently our 4cyl. model on a 525 mile round trip got a record of 39.5pmg with only me in it, but used about 3/4 of a quart of oil. Living in the salt belt has taken a toll on its sheet metal, especially around the rear wheel wells. It does lack power but makes up for it in a smooth and reliable ride. After all of Toyota's recalls lately, I wonder if they will ever make a reliable car like this one again? If I was going newer, I may want to switch to a Honda next time. Toyota went too big too fast and its quality shows!

Great car, kinda rusty though

by on
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Camry Deluxe 4dr Sedan

We bought our 1991 Camry from our in-laws with 83,000 miles on it in 1999. Now its nearing 250,000 miles and it still runs/ drives great. The 4 cyl. isn't the quickest, especially with the A/C on, but its gets 33+ mpg highway regularly. No squeaks or rattles inside, the cloth seats are holding up extremely well, but the clincher for me is the auto- transmission is rock solid. If Toyota could have made the car bodies less prone to rust during these years, this probably would be one of the best cars we have ever owned. Period. If you only could put Toyota powertrains into Chevy car bodies? I can only hope

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Mileage improved

by on
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Camry Deluxe 4dr Sedan

I have a '90 and '91 Camry. I bought the former new and it has 242K miles and the latter I bought mine '96 with 96K miles in Calif. and now it has 250K. This summer my gas mileage actually improved on the '91; I got 36 mpg in highway driving when I never had better than 33. I've done the usual maintenance work and am conscientious about changing the oil. I've driven these cars in New Hampshire and now in Minnesota. Rust is starting to show on the '91 and it kills me to think rust and peripherals such as freezing locks and sagging seats will destroy the cars before the engine dies. I am writing to advise anyone living in the sunbelt to never hesitate to buy this Camry.

Good car!!

by on
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Camry Deluxe 4dr Sedan

I bought it for my daily commute car (100 mi a day), it has been excellent! The car now has over 318k, uses approx 1 qt oil between changes, gets 32-35 mpg as runs great!! Keep up with the maintenance & they'll last a long time. I'd buy a newer one if I had the money, it is a great car & EVERY one still works!! Only bad is they rust easy...it has a few places needing attention.

Not the greatest...mediocre

by on
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Camry Deluxe 4dr Sedan

I bought this car with 194,000 miles on it back in Feb. and it ran BETTER than a new car. I let my friend drive it for a month, due to lack of driveway space, then stored it at my house. Maybe it sat too long (4 mos.) but started it every day until the battery AND fuel pump died on me. Another issue was a serious electrical problem with the left blinker flashing on and off when it wanted to! I sold it for $200 and was happy to be rid of this expensive-to-fix car! I will never buy the "90 or '91 models ever again. I might consider a '92-'96 body style models. But these are definitely overrated. I was very disappointed- thought they last until the 400,000 mile mark!

Very disappointed former camry owner!!!!

by on
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Camry Deluxe 4dr Sedan

WHAT a disappointment! Starting from the test drive, I had this gut feeling something wasn't quite right. The test-ride was great and it drove like new! When the sales guy accompanied me (I hate when they go with you!!) stating that I had the vehicle out too long, a red flag came up. I still bought it, then I stored it at a friend's and was happy. The mileage was 194K at the time of purchase and right after I washed it at a car wash, the fuel pump died! Also, it had a major electrical problem (the left blinker wouldn't go out!!) and I couldn't afford to fix it. I will never buy the older model again! Only the '92-'96 models and this time will have it mechanically checked out thoroughly!!!!!

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