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Slick Ride with Great MPG

newjersey2, 08/07/2011
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Switched from Highlander and have been pleasantly surprised. Averaging 25 mpg in town and on highway by driving sensibly. Outstanding sound system with the NAV package. Not a whole lot of leg room in backseat, but front passenger seat folds down to tote large loads (10ft 2 bys). Not a super amount of off the line grunt, but cruises effortlessly at 80. Only complaint thus far is really dumb key start thingamajig. You can pull out the key and leave the car running inadvertantly, also you can leave accessories running without knowing it. Huh? What is Volvo thinking?

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Best car in my 30 years of driving!

greatjohndini, 04/21/2011
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I created an account just to review this car for anyone on the fence or evaluating cars in this class. I traded in my Infiniti EX35 for this car and I will never look back. Audi Q5 looked boring and audi/vw has a lot of issues. BMW X3 too small-image of driving a beemer:( And weird styling. Lexus.-comfortable but boring. Infinti.Was good but WAY too small and was not aging well after less than a year. And it felt -light?- VOLVO XC60. Totally solid car. I held back on it before because the audio/nav in the 09-10 was an absolute JOKE..but the 2011 version is great! Perfect! European. Safe. Best looking of the bunch. And 5/60 maintenance on everything but the tires! In love w/ driving again!

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Buy It!

brew_daddy_27, 02/01/2011
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I test drove and compared with the BMW X5, Audi Q5 and the Infiniti. Infiniti was tossed when I saw the size in person. Size matters! The only plus to the BMW was that I could add a third row of seating. The bad about both the BMW and the Audi was the price tag and what you get for that tag. The Volvo destroyed both in the safety department. I went with the T6 for the extra handling and body design. The curbside appeal of the T6 easily competes with the Audi (in my opinion wins). The end result is this, I have friend that purchased a loaded Q5 and another that purchased half loaded X5. Both are jealous of my loaded XC60. Not just the looks but the price tag was made them both weep.

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best ever

volvolove, 06/09/2011
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Having abandoned leasing I had done for many years and retiring, I decided to buy. Having looked at the Audi, BMW, and Volvo reviews for a fast SUV, I tried and then bought a Xc60. It is the best car I have driven in 54 years. Second was an Audi S4 I had many years ago. The Volvo handles almost as well-the Audi was shorter and and lower, a sports car in disguise. But the Volvo handles so well in much greater comfort (Is this a function of age?), and elegance and relative silence that I cannot imagine a better bargain. It comes near enough to the Audi in turning corners that I was amazed, given its weight and height. The interior defines simple elegance. Perfect for over 40s.

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Go for a long test drive

missi4, 03/23/2013
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After a week of driving the XC60, I noticed a problem with the transmission, a hesitation when accelerating from a complete stop/speeding up to pass etc. Like driving manual transmission in the wrong gear. Took it for service repetedly. Volvo wouldn't admit a problem and told me to use premium fuel. One mechanic said it's a 5000lb car you have to gun it (!!). Finally they said they knew what was wrong and to wait for a software update, that took 6 months. It helped but the problem was still there. Volvo went back to saying there was nothing wrong with the car. After a year, I had had it and asked how much they would give me for the car to end this, Carmax gave me more. The GPS stinks too.

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