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GM transmission take it to the junk yard

tlg, 03/02/2016
T6 4dr Sedan (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 4A)
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update 9-5-2017 interesting this email! Gauge cluster just went out this CAR. Thought about letting it go but i still will not even come close to anything near the miles and money ive put in it. i personally have spent years trying to avoid the over engineered under quilty of the electronic and unreliability services of GM products. After owning my fist volvo 2001 S80 2.9 non turbo i was in an accident totaled the car loved the car had 178000 no problems other then rack and pinion. Purched my next very shortly after found 2003 s80 t6 2.9 turbo. car appeared nice after buying before making the first payment the transmission went into limp mode. taking to have looked at found the vehicle had the GM 4t65e transmission witch i would have never even considered the car if i would have known that it had a gm part in it. There is only 2 other vehicle they are in that ive found other then gm products. That is the volvo s80 and the XC90. IN the years around what i have. I am so disappointed in this car im going to have over 10000 in a car worth 6000.Volvo has really disappointed me now i have a car that wont run and haven't made the 1st payment.payment. Mechanic says you are lucky to get 100000 miles out of the transmission. All i can say is im disappointed in volvo now. Just after replacing the transmission the fuel pump went out. Now with 95000 approx. The front end needs work so basically i will have to drive this car for years. Wish i could post pics of the wonderful advertising sticker swartz auto in harrisonburg va put on the back of it. Was going to remove but instead put a sign above it that says do not buy from. They were horriable for there customer service. I will never recommend or buy from them again. 9-5-2018 Started leaking antifreeze found the T-6 has an automatic bleeder out the side of the timing cover piece of plastic completely brittle. 7-1-2019 Decided not to take the chance on the Trans again had over $1000 in it sold it for $2500 less then 30000 miles ugh. Win some loose some sure was a nice riding car.

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Best Volvo Yet!

S80 2003, 12/06/2003
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This is my third Volvo and the 2003 S80 2.9 is outstanding. Fit and finsh are the best I've seen on any car. Solid performance, comfort, and avg 25 mpg!

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Good car!

Mark Lewis, 06/12/2007
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This is an excellent car. It's fun to drive, and it gets good gas mileage. I consistently get 430 miles to the tank. The only problem I have is that the rear passenger speaker produces static. Other than that, the car accelerates well, takes turns well, hugs the road and has plenty of amenities. The trunk is very large. The hinges fold into the side and not into the well of the trunk. It gives you more space. That's especially important when you are grocery shopping for a family of 5! Overall, it's a great car.

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Major disappointment

puchpuppy, 02/14/2009
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Purchased car with 33000 miles and have been beset with any number of very expensive problems. The most expensive problem was replacing the fuel pump at 43000 miles at a cost of $1000 dollars and suffering an overwhelming smell of gasoline for a month afterward. Now there is a check engine warning that shows a code of failure of fuel system. The estimate on replacing the sensor is in the neighborhood of $800 dollars. The suspension system needs realignment every two thousand miles or so. Am on the third set of tires. Continually replacing headlight bulbs and other bulbs. I am 82 years old and have drive Volvos for years and I do not misuse a car. Am bitterly disappointed with this car!

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Good for the money!

Jack B, 12/22/2004
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I have owned the S80T since Aug 2003 and have mixed feelings on the car. Decent acceleration & Braking. However, the turbo lag can be somewhat annoying. Love the Stepronic like shifter. The interior of the car is cheap. Tons of plastic. Volvo saved a ton going this route. If you have experienced a BMW, Lexus, or MB, you will be dissapointed. The main reason I bought the car was for the seats. These seats are incredable! The Stereo rocks when playing CD 's. However, the AM radio stinks. Several trips to the dealer to solve the ear popping crackling and interference have failed to solved the prob. Good Performance, Cheap interior, Great seats. 15K less than a BMW.

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66% Unhappy With This Cae

Two Out Of Three , 05/08/2003
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Leased three S80 T6's in Jan, 01. Two of us would never buy one again. Quality isn't there for a car in this price range. Electronics have been terrible: numerous bulbs replaced, shorts in one car, bad seals around the headlamps, the driver's seat on one rocks during acceleration or braking. The cars have high cost of ownership: never had a visit under $500, unless it was for a recall,which we've had three or four. Mileage makes us believe this is prevelant throughout, after three years we have one with 70K, another with 55K and the last one has 45K. BTY: Consumer Reports in April of 2002 ranks the S80 and the S60 as "do not buy"!

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Glad it wasn't my first Volvo!!!!!!!!!

Jim Morton, 10/26/2002
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In the first year with under 10,000 miles the steering has locked once, the transmission has been replaced, bulbs have blOWN out and the vehicle is EXTREMELY noisey

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OLD VOLVO OWNERS-Your Reward is Here

MR. BIG, 11/24/2002
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This is a fabulous automobile and quite the sleeper. It is a big sedan in the Euopean sedan tradition that uses space rather than wastes it. Performance is on par with sedans costing $15-20K more. And what boy racer in a Honda would ever expect a Volvo to blow right by them? The car handles the twisty stuff with sure-footed comfort. This is my 5th Volvo and my favortie by far. So far we only have 3,000 mi on it with no negatives. I have paid my dues with old Volvos. I am a fan. This is my reward! A pleasure to drive.

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Great S80-T6

thom1, 12/22/2002
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Great vehicle - going to buy another too

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I love it even more than the 2.9

Jonathan Barth, 01/01/2003
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I had a 2001 S80 for 1.5 years and as much as I LOVED the car, I always regretted not getting the T6 package, premium sound, and color-coded trim. When I got this Pearl White 2002 T6 (with color coded trim), I was in utterly speechless; the seats where even more comfortable and the handling and responsiveness of the T6 is fantastic. And the sound… the 3rd channel and DPL are great. With the exception of the mild dead spot when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and the fact that the premium sound does not play MP3s, I really have enjoyed the high end responsiveness of the car and the sound system. At 130 mph, the car is just beginning to beg for more.

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