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Great value, low cost.

Mark, 04/11/2016
4dr Sedan
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I bought this car in 2012 from a neighbor in Florida, for my parents who came to visit from Europe for 2 months. It was cheap, and I intended to resell it after 2 months for the same price. Before advertising it, I decided to drive it my self for a while, and I liked it so much, I decided to keep it a bit longer, to save miles on my other car (Mercedes). I've had a few small repair, like the power steering pump, which I replaced my self with an used one for $35. The radio broke, and I replaced it for $50. I've been driving the car for 4 years now, and I spent a total of $400, including oil changes, and a new battery. Thats $100 per year, or 1 cent per mile, since I drove 10k/year. Last christmas I drove the car from Florida to Virginia and back (my other car was wrecked), put on 2000 miles, with no issues, and it drove as comfortabe as my Mercedes. The front struts are getting weak, which is a bigger repair, and after looking up the procedure, I will do the work my self. It will cost me about $350 in parts. The reason I am doing it is because I really like the car, and as she (only) has 200,000 miles on. I think I can get another 100k and 10 years out of her. I must say the car was well maintained before I bought it, and I will keep it that way. I will also have to replace the timing belt, brakes and tires one more time in order to reach 300k miles, which will be another nice DIY project. I am surprised how easy it is to work on this car. No need for special tools, everything is accessible. If you are a handy person like me, you could drive a car like this for around 1 cent per mile in maintenance. I bought this car for a 2 months use, and it looks like I will keep it for 14 years total. Another reason for my plan is, the paint and steel is high quality. The car is now 20 years old. The paint is still shiny, and there is no rust at all.

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Volvo 960

Dan S., 07/27/2002
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Excellent rear wheel drive car. Good solid car with good power, looks, and handling. Much more refined and sophistocated than the Volvo 240s and 740s, but also somewhat more problematic. Electrical gremlins have found their home, but if you really love your Volvo, you know how to fix them and you won't be deterred. Limited supply of aftermarket parts for improving performance - you'll have to get an 850 or S-70 if you want to "plug and play" with performance chips. Also, repairs are more expensive than with the 240/740's. But, overall the 960 is a good car. I often find myself driving home at night saying "I love this car."

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IguanaWN, 02/02/2010
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That's my cars name. I bought him from a neighbor after the car sat for 1.5 years. It had two Major oil leaks and a Major league corroded battery disaster. After spending $600 and sweat, he was serviceable. Not bad. Since then I've replaced the front control arm bushings. Still needs ball- joints on the same arm. Speakers crackle, tensioner pulley. I'm still way ahead. Not a bad idea to know how to work on them if you own one. Solid car. It weighs 5k lbs, its a tank but doesn't feel it. No body rattle, doors and all Windows incl sunroof operate, a/c works. I enjoy Hans.

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Volvo - Never Again

texas_forrest, 09/18/2006
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Cannot explain how poor this car has been. 8 years of ownership = $9000+ in repairs (excluding maintenance)=> Power Steering Pump, Tensioner Pulleys, Radiator (twice!), Catalytic Converter, Fuel Rail, Idle Control Valve, Electronic Sensors, Oil Seals, Insulation off of Wiring - things that should not fail!

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Once a Volvo owner, ALWAYS an owner

Ryan Tucholski, 04/10/2007
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This is my third Volvo, but my first sedan. Purchased at auction for $1800 to drive me from Toledo to Detroit everyday for work. Reliable, comfortable, fast and solid! Typical Volvo issues such as lousy cup holders and horrible air conditioning fan speeds. Overall, the 960 is a wonderful car! I have 113k miles on this auto, and put almost 30k a year on cars, so I know this will last me a while!

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