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5 out of 5 stars


Zane Allen, 12/08/2015
Level II 4dr Sedan
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ah, my beloved 960. 240,000 and going strong. I drive 60 miles round trip daily, but this car makes it a comfortable, enjoyable, experience. the power is a little subdued in the city, but more prominent during highway driving. unfortunately, I had to replace the transmission at 215,000, not to the fault of the transmission- but the radiator. the transmission is cooled by the radiator and the internal cooler allowed coolant to slowly make its way into the transmission, and by the time i caught it, all hope was pretty much lost. I was able to replace it for a reasonable price (also played it safe and installed an external cooler.) the seats in this car are absolutely superb, supportive in more ways than one. the sound system is pretty decent for a car from 1994. the heater will make you sweat in a matter of a few minutes, but the a/c has always been problematic, and chances are if you're looking at one, the a/c isn't functional. typically the freon leaks out of the evaporator core (which is housed inside the dash and requires the dash to be pulled in order to change it- not a smart idea with all the brittle volvo plastic) not worth replacing at this point. of course it's had its fair share of repairs, and im going to list them all here: SRS clock spring, carrier bearing, front sway bar bushings, mass airflow sensor, ect sensor, throttle position sensor, in-tank fuel pump, shift linkage bushings, PNP switch, new transmission, radiator, and power antenna. this car still starts right up every day and gets me where I need to go, and I love the looks I get from nostalgic volvo drivers. if you're looking for an old, reliable volvo, you've found the one

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4.63 out of 5 stars

satisfied owner

Harold, 12/30/2005
Level II 4dr Wagon
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I bought car from Volvo dealer at 3 yrs old and 34,000 miles, now have 71,000 I like driving this car I think more than any car I have owned, it is easy to drive, feels secure, always reliable, excellent visibilty, turns in small radius, still looks good, I averaged 27 mpg on recent 1200 mile road trip. Major work in last 4 yrs, timing belt 400.00, four wheel brake job $500.00 and just recently catylic converter and oxagen sensor, $950.00, labor rates here are 80-90 dollars/hour still repairs not too bad in 8yrs.

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2.75 out of 5 stars

Practical but very, very unreliable

Robert3, 05/19/2003
Level II 4dr Wagon
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I really wanted to like this car, it's predecessor (a Volvo 240 wagon) was great. 1. Right rear taillight lens fell off (replaced entire assembly) 2. Right front corner lamp lens fell off (replaced entire assembly) 3. Neutral safety switch was replaced twice. 4. Right rear passenger window stopped working. 5. Ball joints replaced. 6. Complete head rebuild due to ?burned? valves. 7. Speed sensor replaced. 8. Camshaft position sensor replaced. 9. Catalytic converter failed. 10. Rear main seal leak. 11. Radio stopped working properly. 12. A/C compressor replaced. This car was purchased at Volvo dealer (Volvo of the Triad in NC).

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2.25 out of 5 stars

Worse car I ever had, engine blows up!

tonycantu, 11/14/2002
4dr Sedan
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It is stated to change the camshaft belt every 50,000 miles, but it breaks whenever it want to. When it did on mine the engine literally blew up. The pistons hit the valves and we had a broken piston, 14 valves broken or bent, basically the car's worth in damage. I cannot believe there were some really stupid swidish car engineers putting a rubber band to drive the water pump and two 12 valves each camshafts, that is so stupid. Most other cars have a steel chain. I'd be better off driving the car to a river and burning it than repairing the damn thing. I though Volvos were relieable, but it is just the hype. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!!

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4.88 out of 5 stars

It's a tank / workhorse

Volvo Guy, 08/01/2008
Level II 4dr Sedan
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I have owned my 960 (160k miles)for the last 2 years. this car is very reliable and offers a lot of options for a 94 Volvo (leather, power everything, sunroof, CD, spoiler). I drive across Texas on a regular basis and it's had no major mechanical problems. Please do maintain on a regular basis and get tune ups every 25k miles and this car will not hesitate once.

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