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Best value older used car

JoeJ, 04/19/2010
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Very safe, reliable, comfortable, roomy and practical! About 26 freeway mpg and 19 city. High build quality, roomy as a modern suv & scan design! Only a few black boxes to go bad and cheap to insure! Collectible now! 1992 best year-has SIPS, geared taller and later engine & features!

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the best

scott, 11/23/2005
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i am on the road 5 to 6 days per week and have had these predictable vehicles since the early 80's. what i am sure of from exposure, is that if i ever get into an acident, i will walk away and live to talk about it. these cars are very predictable and reliable, and no they are NOT expensive to maintain or repair. but please do yourself a huge favor and search out a repair facility/dealer who does know these cars and or LIKES to work on them. i have found this to the best advice i have ever been given in my many years behind the wheel. don,t ever be apprehensive about these cars, just find the one you like get your best price and drive it! you'll never where it out, this is my 2nd HIGH mileage volvo

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92 volvo gl wagon

thedubliner54, 07/17/2002
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I bought this car used and have had it for 8 years. While there have been minor problems as with any car, it has been an outstanding vehicle and my mechanic says it can go another 60,000 miles.

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Volvo Rocks- an excellent automobile

Snow, 12/19/2002
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I bought this car used and it still looks and runs like new (well, not quite but it's still great.) Plenty of power, excellent quality on inside and out, mechanically reliable, built like a tank! Negatives: repairs are very expensive. You are getting a great car when buying used, but PLAN on $1500 to $2000 a year in repairs. Best Part: watching other drivers faces as they watch an older Volvo station wagon kick in it's turbo and leave them in the dust.

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CKBREW, 06/21/2008
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Bought this car used in 1998 with 163K on it. I drive it daily and it now has 272K on it. It does eat brakes but I drive it hard. Solved most of the brake problems by installing cross drilled ventilated racing brake rotors and matching racing pads. The front struts blew recently out, and I had to rebuild most of the front end. It now drives like you are on rails! I use Mobil 1 Synthetic oil only with a Mann filter change every 5,000 miles. The engine still runs strong and has never been opened for any major repairs. The way the interior is designed you can put just about anything inside or on top. A comfortable, reliable work horse. They really don't make them like this anymore!

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17 years and still running

ChrisS, 05/04/2009
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Bought the car new in 92 in Germany. My wife was pregnant with our daughter. She is now driving it. We've been stationed in Germany, Miami, Biloxi, Lubbock, Charleston, the Azores and back to Charleston with this car. It runs like a champ. The only problems have been cooling system related and a new computer. Too bad they don't make them like this any more.

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JamacianBob, 11/24/2002
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We just went over 177,000 miles on this amazingly reliable automoblie. We bought it new and could new find a reason to sell it. The car does eat brakes and tires, but cannot complain about any major repairs. COOL CAR!!! SAFE!!!RELAIBLE!!!GOOD PERFORMANCE W/ TURBO!!!!Mechanic says it will go to 225 to 250

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745 Turbo used review

wiegman, 02/19/2003
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First 740 for me. Very nice. A great formula... wagaon, comfortable, fast.

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Great old Box

almassengale, 04/04/2004
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My 740 Turbo has 197,000+ plus miles on it but is still a great machine. Great acceleration. This thing leaves newer and sportier looking cars in the dust. It did 0-60 in 7.8 according to road tests of the day. Not bad. The handling is also nice. Quick to respond, great turning radius, and overall fun to drive. A little too much body lean perhaps but still good. Very comfy car on long trips and you can fit a ton of stuff in the back. Fuel economy and noise are concerns.

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Used Volvo - worth the money

melissacap, 02/06/2003
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Great car, fits all of our stuff, two large dogs and now a baby. Purchased our 92 in 96, with VIP warranty package extra $1,800 (3yr/36K)& worth every penny - things go on this car and it is expensive to fix. Don't get sucked in by the dealer for repairs, you just need a good mechanic. Now has 120K+ and should go for 250K+, remember the oil changes, very important. Just put in a new a/c system $850 - talk about cold air, it's great! Having an 11 yr old car things are bound to go, but this thing still works!

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